Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tribute to Sandra

Dear Sandra,

Today is your Memorial.  Just as much as you were celebrated when you came into the world, today I will celebrate you having left this world!

Today I celebrate the person you were, the life that you gave and shared with me, the faith that you were not afraid to talk about or show, your courage to press on even when death looked you in the face over and over and over, even in days when your pain was out of control, the days you laid in a hospital bed wavering between life and death, even in days when you wanted to die, even when you didn't understand what God was doing, even then, you still loved God.

Your life was one filled with challenges most would never be able to comprehend.  One filled with extreme pain.  Yet, as I reflect on the memories of the times we shared together, I am blessed to have known you.  Blessed to have been able to share this journey with you.

Today, I celebrate you!!!  You are in Heaven wearing Gold Slippers, having Angels Wings, and you have received your own personal crown as the Princess of The One True King with glitter and diamonds and you are dancing to Heavens Choir.  Your party today will have no tears, no pain, no regrets, no sadness, no difficulties, no sickness, no medicine.

Your party today is one filled with amazing LOVE of Jesus, the one who called you home on Thanksgiving Day 2015.  I find God's timing to bring you home on this day, not a mistake. I find the way you quickly went after years of misery, not a mistake.  God doesn't make mistakes and He has a message for everyone here to know and learn.  Your faith continues to speak to those around you.  I love you and appreciate all you were to me dear Sandra!

I love and celebrate you today!!!