Tuesday, July 25, 2017

poem ~ the truth

When someone asks you a question,
Are you prepared to tell the truth?
Or do you look for the edge,
To share only a sliver of its roots?

When the truth is asked of you,
Will you look it in the eye?
Or will you dodge behind a pretense,
With a mask all full of lies?

When the question is specific,
Will you respond in generalities?
Or will you open up your heart,
And share all the qualities?

When the truth might cut them deep,
Will you hold back in fear?
Or will you share with those around you,
The things that you hold dear?

When life renders you heartache,
Will you respond still in truth?
Or will you walk away from being honest,
Even when your known for this value since your youth?

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ the words

When you hear the words I never wanted you
it’s impossible to comprehend,
Why someone would become a parent
and make a choice to this end.

When you hear the words I don’t want
to have you in my life,
It makes you question all the things you said and did
including all the charity funds you felt cause to give.

When you hear the words I won’t forgive you
by someone you thought was a Friend,
The meaning of such words just confuse you
when they promised to be there till the end.

When you hear the words I don’t love you
even though I said I did,
Sometimes rejection takes awhile
to heal the residual painful ends.

When you hear the words I hurt you
it pierces deep within the heart,
For that was never the intent
to bring grief to any endless part.

When you heart the words I miss you
from someone you care about,
It makes your heart skip a beat
as you wonder how to fulfill the missing need.

When you hear the words I need you now
I want you to stop and think,
About the deposits that you’re making
into the lives of everyone you meet.

When you hear the words I forgive you
they always create a start,
To beautiful new beginnings
of a connected giving heart.

When you hear the words I will always give
you a piece of my heart,
I hope you know the impact you send
beyond the love and grace you generously extend.

When you hear the words I want you
to share with me this life,
It gives a new perspective
for the meaning of husband and wife.

When you hear the words I believe you
it always helps one begin,
Even when you feel you’re failing
to achieve the dreams you’ve been called to live.

When you hear the words I love you
they always melt the heart,
For love is something that will heal
every broken and bleeding mark.

When you hear the words I promise you
a life that never ends,
It brings hope to live in this moment
on this journey with you my Friend.

© Misty W Gilbert
April 2017
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poem ~ the beauty of the day

the beauty of the day
begins and ends with you
it's not about the moment
but the things we hold on to,

the beauty of the day
and the longing in my heart
to embrace every moment
from the very start,

the beauty of the day
don't let it slip away
for everyone is a gift
but it's a choice if you see it that way.

© Misty W Gilbert
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