Saturday, June 24, 2017

poem ~ your eyes

I look into your eyes 
and I see a wave of tears,
From the beauty of this moment
as you try to grasp the reflection in the mirror.

I look into your eyes
and see the puddles there so full,
As this moment threatens to show
the pain from all the years out of your control. 

I look into your eyes
and try to read the message that lies there, 
Not knowing if you want me to guess 
or if there is conflict in what you want to share.

I look into your eyes 
content to gaze so deep,
I see the unseen words
that need a heart to reach them for keeps.

I look into your eyes
and feel I understand, 
The voice that longs to share
the experiences that you've always had.

I look into your eyes
and see a longing there,
For unconditional love
and acceptance everywhere. 

I look into your eyes 
acknowledging the beauty that resides,
And the courage that it takes
to give life another try.

I look into your eyes 
and feel I know you so well,
For my soul connects to you
and the life inside your gorgeous pupil.

I look into your eyes
and wish I could stay there,
For the strength I get from the glance
stays with me beyond this moment so rare.

I look inside your eyes
and feel the energy run deep,
For in the life they expel
it makes my day feel complete.

I look inside your eyes
and know with all my soul,
My heart longs to know you better
and to bring healing to the pain you've known.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ what made you?

What made you decide
to write poems each day,
And share the deep things
riding your heart beat waves?

What made you feel
that the gift you seek,
Comes from the words
you intentionally bleed?

What made you live
so vulnerably,
And share your heart

What made you cry
in desperate straights,
To create the life
you desired to make?

What made you brave
in spite of it all,
To live this life
when you've been abused so raw?

What made you think
the way you do,
Committed to live
fully in freedom anew?

What made you be
an amazing Friend,
One who will fight
through the journeys end?

What made you touch
my soul so deep,
With the words you write
to expand my reach?

What made you see
the poem in you,
And share it for
the world to view?

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ Friends

As a child I wasn't
allowed to have any Friends,
My mom believed
I could survive without them.

She believed to have
someone really close,
Meant I was being discriminating
and being cliches to pair up with those.

She believed that I should be
loving to everyone,
But not to the point
that I had favorite ones.

She had me write letters
to several each week,
Asking me to encourage them
and be the Friend I wanted to me.

If I wanted to call them
and talk on the phone,
I had to spend my own $2.50 monthly allowance
for a connection to be known.

Return letters to me
were quite very rare,
And return phone calls
happened never at all.

I've always wanted
to have lots of Friends,
But when the relationship isn't returned
it's been really hard to see them as a Friend.

I've never wanted
to be partial at all,
So I've accepted every Friend request
that I've received on my wall.

I don't hang with the same friends
each and every week,
I continue to rotate
spending time with each.

I've come to see this
as a blessing in my life,
Because of the number of Friends
I have by my side.

Yet I've also come to see
this as a weakness to me,
Because what I really want
hasn't come true in creating these.

So in this new Chapter I walk
I realize again,
Some things from the past
have to be abolished and end.

It's been scary and hard
to look at the truth,
That not every one wants
a real connection with you.

Some want to pretend
to care down deep,
Yet others just want
to be an enemy on the sneak.

Cutting out people
who don't want to be there,
Shouldn't hurt me so bad
but it honestly makes me very sad.

I will continue to pursue
the relationships that begin,
With a connection and authenticity
on every level of Friends.

I have been working on me
and fighting the conflict again,
To keep every connection regardless of the status
or how close we have or haven't been.

I've been reflecting on what
a real Friend looks like,
And how to create thriving ones
that want to be real with me.

For a new beginning to come
some things have to end,
So with love and and hug
I wish you well my Friend.

© Misty W Gilbert
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