Wednesday, May 31, 2017

poem ~ today, I pray for you

Today, I pray for you
as you face whatever you have to do,
That you'll stay strong
and committed to what's true.

Today, I pray for you
that you'll say what needs to be said,
And don't give in
to any voices in your head.

Today, I pray for you
as you in integrity stand,
Knowing God is with you
as you meet life's demands.

Today, I pray for you
as you search for a clue,
To know how to handle
what's been presented to you.

Today, I pray for you
that courage you'll wear,
As you move forward
in the midst of your fear.

Today, I pray for you
that you'll speak the truth in love,
For there isn't a way around it
when you've given so much freedom. 

Today, I pray for you
that you won't loose heart,
No matter what your facing
or how it feels in the dark.

Today, I pray for you
that you'll shine bright,
And let the world completely see
the difference between them and me.

Today, I pray for you 
that you'll be bold again,
For you've got a purpose
if you'll stay with it Friend.

Today, I pray for you
that you'll be brave,
And stay focused on
creating a positive space.

Today, I pray for you
as I pray for me,
Because in it is power
beyond what we think, feel, and see.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

poem ~ it's your life

I don't have the talent
that you do,
So it makes me back away
because I feel less than you.

I feel so ordinary
and completely inept,
When it seems talent just oozes
from your every step.

How can you be so gifted?
And do it all so well,
When I'm trying so hard
just to live through this spell.

You make it look easy
and completely effortless to do,
When I struggle so much
just to do the basic routine thru.

Yet part of me is slightly
inspired and intrigued it's true,
To find the passion within
and attempt to learn something new.

I don't know how you do it
continually facing all your fears,
When I just feel like they're living
so strong occuping inside my head.

If you could tell me
one thing I could do,
To change my life
and live abundantly like you.

What would you say
to make headway today?
As I live out my life
in the various of ways.

It all starts with a choice
to create the life that you want,
You must truly desire
to take action to become unstuck.

You can't live in regret
or stay paralyzed in fear,
You have to be willing to change your foundation
not just attempt to create repair.

You have to be willing
to do the deep hard work,
It won't be easy
and it will feel sometimes worse.

But the benefits over time
that come from a change from within,
I promise you'll never think about it twice
when you see the benefits begin.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Monday, May 29, 2017

poem ~ build relationships

My heart hurts for people 
who feel they can just come and go,
Out of people's lives
like it doesn't matter so.

When you treat relationships
like you can take or leave them there,
It makes me wonder if
you ever even truly cared. 

When I think about the part
we each were meant to play,
I can't just walk out of your life
as I'm asked to love you always.

Yes, there are some times 
when we must let go,
Of the people and friends 
who abuse us so.

I'm not talking about those kind
of unhealthy friends,
I am thinking of the ones
who won't resolve the issues between them.

They build up walls 
to shut you out,
Instead of showing love,
as we're asked to live about. 

But walls only divide
and create a wedge,
When we were meant for more
of life's cutting edge.

Don't let grievances 
steal your joy,
For life begins 
when you make this choice.

Love from the heart
with forgiveness too,
For this is what 
we were each called to do.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

poem ~ the pain I see

The pain I see 
when you look at me,
for your eyes convey 
your life's not free.

The pain I see 
when you walk into the room,
for your heart's been broken
and it's lost its tune. 

The pain I see you
when you call me to talk,
for hours and hours 
all around the clock.

The pain I see 
when you write words to me,
for they bleed on the page 
what really matters to thee.

The pain I see 
when we go for a walk, 
for your posture is defeated 
and your energy is shot. 

The pain I see 
when your heart's conflicted, 
for your position is as a victim 
when the battle isn't lifted. 

The pain I see 
when with my friend,
for you I'll pray 
to your Journey's End.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #ThePainISee #PainIsAGift #PrayForOneAnother

Saturday, May 27, 2017

poem ~ take time to pray

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
Because when I do, 
it will change me 
even if it doesn't change you too.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
Even in the midst of my emotional pain,
for it is clear that this is 
what I'm always supposed to do.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
As I ask God for direction,
to know exactly 
just what to do.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
I will again choose to let go,
of our friendship 
and all the hurtful things you say and do.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
And focus on the good memories
and the things that 
are honest, good and true.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
Because my heart is completely torn,
knowing that on this path 
I will feel fulfilled yet worn. 

Today, I will take the time
to love and pray for you,
And always hope that I can show
some love to your hurting soul
even when you're honestly so cold.

Today, I will take the time 
to love and pray for you,
For you mean so much to me,
even if you are 
no longer walking this journey with me.

Today, I will take the time
to love and pray for you,
For I know I can live with no regrets,
because I'm given grace
and forgiveness yet.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Friday, May 26, 2017

poem ~ what is love

What is love? 
Is it to love each other,
Unless you become offended?

What is love? 
Is it to be patient,
Until you've run out of time?

What is love?
Is it to tell the truth even if it hurts,
Unless someone is going to get upset?

What is love?
Is it to keep my heart open,
Until I've been hurt so much that I'm black and blue? 

What is love?
Is it perfection,
Unless someone criticizes you?

What is love?
Is it to trust everyone fully, 
Until you've been lied to or is it still to trust?

What is love?
Is it to always have hope,
Unless you don't see the path ahead of you? 

What is love?
Is it to always choose love,
Or to pick and choose when to choose love?

© Misty W Gilbert
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

poem ~ be brave

I want you to be brave 
as you live out your dreams,
Because I promise life is short
so make the most of everything.

I want you to be brave 
as you expose all your fears,
Because the promise of more
is greater than any mirror.

I want you to be brave
as you walk out your faith,
Because it's impossible to believe 
without diligence in this to make.

I want you to be brave
as you love extravagantly,
Because the promise of its touch
will everlasting be with thee.

I want you to be brave
as you travel this amazing journey,
Because I know the legacy you leave 
is one worth not being hurried.

I want you to be brave
as you cry your heart of tears,
Because the drops of relief
will bring smiles through the years.

I want you to be brave
as you listen to your heart,
Because you are so very strong
and just need the courage again to start.

I want you to be brave
as you forge through the dark,
Because the light that shines above
will always direct you to its mark.

I want you to be brave
as you intentionally live,
Every moment of your life
because you've got only one to give.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #BeBrave #BeCouragous #ThePowerOfChoice #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

poem ~ if you could give me

If you could give me
a moment of your time,
I bet you'd show me 
lots of benefits sublime.

If you could give me 
some advice or two,
I know that you could impart
a ton of wisdom too.

If you could give me 
a perspective anew,
I promise I would see
the added value to be true.

If you could give me 
a nugget to learn,
I actually believe 
a pot of gold I earn.

If you could give me 
wisdom for my life,
I'm sure it would be 
the best blessing of the night.

If you could give me 
one thing to consider, 
I'm sure it would contribute 
to "It's a Wonderful Life" to remember. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

poem ~ whose fight

Whose battle are you fighting?
Your own or someone else's? 
That might seem like a strange question to you,
But have you considered if it's true?

Will you fight for truth to win the fight? 
Or will you fight to do things because it's right?
That might not seem reasonable to you,
But have you considered what's motivating you?

Will you fight with others or your own opponent? 
Or will you let fear, ego, anger take the moment?
That might seem like not a possibility for you,
But have you thought whose battle you're trying to prove?

Will you let love and peace be the biggest fight?
Or will you lose focus in it's painful price?
That might seem like nothing to you,
But have you thought about what it means to you?

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ how can I say thanks

How can I say thanks
for all the problems you bring my way?
For in dealing with them head on
I find more courage each and every day.

How can I say thanks
for the difficulties I've been in? 
For it's when I get beyond them
I see you were with me until the end.

How can I say thanks
for the rejection of close Friends?
For if I saw it as protection
I'd not regret the loss of any of them.

How can I say thanks
for the physical pain I've been through? 
For it gives me a deeper perspective 
of exactly what my body can do.

How can I say thanks
for the patience I must learn?
For when it's uncomfortable then
is when I find the choice to love again.

How can I say thanks
for the challenges that never end?
For when I see them from your view
I find that changes mine too.

How can I say thanks
for the things I feel I lack?
For it's in the missing parts 
that I can have a gratitude check.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Monday, May 22, 2017

poem ~ the sassy voice

As I write and share my heart
there's this battle deep within,
Do I write to please my friends and fans
or write to make a difference again? 

Do I write to share the truth
so others may be made free?
Or do I dilute it's power deep down
so you'll always just like me?

Do I question what others leave on the table 
to be ignored or assumed? 
Or do I open up and expose
for the entire room to choose?

Do I dance around the hard things here
that come to take my breath away?
Or will I press on and through 
with a hope beyond the problem of today?

Do I help you to see
the fear and guilt that covers thee?
Or do I let you stay in doubt
in what these principles really are about?

Do I believe with all my heart
that there's a reason God wants me to stand up and out?
Or will I choose to run and hide
when it gets hard and friends leave my side?

Will I choose even in this quest
to believe you've got a purpose for all of it?
Or will I let it get me down
when disappointments readily abound?

Do I let you see my doubts 
or pretend they don't even affect me now?
Or will I reveal the truth
of what's going on in the behind the scenes view? 

Will I find others who want more
for what this life has in store?
Or will I be one of the few
intentionally pursuing a life with you? 

Do I give it my all
even when the price is tall?
Or because of others view
will I stay small lacking courage to?

Do I know that even in this
there is a test in the risk?
Or will I trust my mission here
and why I'm called to make a difference clear?

Do I believe it's time for more
knowing what commitment gives?
Or will I let you keep me too
stuck further in bondage and regret?

Will I let all these enemies
destroy my message and all you've done for me?
Or will I pursue my voice
knowing you've given me a choice?

Do I believe your guiding me
to forge ahead when I can't see?
Or will I stop and suspend my view 
for fear because of what a ripple effect will do?

Will I continue to seek
excellence in my sassy speech?
Or will I give up instead
and never by love willingly be lead?

© Misty W Gilbert and inspired by @stevenfurtick and his message on 05.14.2017.
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Authenticity #TheTruthWillSetYouFree #Freedom #BeYOU #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

Sunday, May 21, 2017

poem ~ mission trip

I went on a humanitarian mission trip
and I saw with my own eyes,
The horrific horror and circumstance 
that people have just to try to live their daily lives.

Walking three to twenty miles or more
just to get to the water resources there, 
That lay deep in the ground  
not like us in a pipe from town.

Seventeen days in Kotido Uganda
with only one full meal a day,
That consisted of rice, beans and greens
prepared in the same fashionable way.

We only ate meat one day
for this is considered quite the treat,
And so was the fresh pineapple
that we got on market street.

It's hard to fathom how one lives
in such meager of ways,
When your used to eating all you want
in food consumption all your days.

Their huts are about five feet deep
and sleep four to fourteen each,
In a small circumference they sleep
with no blankets or pillows as they rest their feet.

We washed our clothes out by hand
in a bucket with some soap,
For even this was the classy way
when most do it in the mud hole with sand.

I can't tell you what this trip meant to me
to see how they live in such simplicity, 
Yet it forever changed my world view
when I looked into their eyes anew.

As they intently look at you
with a deep longing for hope,
To help them fight off disease and death
as they work to build another sand dam yet.

They can't hide their appreciation and love
for all that's been done for them,
So they sing and dance for you
as a simple way to say Thank You!

I promise if you could go
and see it for yourself,
There are no words for what it does
when you experience this firsthand.

My heart will always be with them 
for all they have to live through,
And the things we take for granted
in the abundant life we have here in America too. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ my story

I had to unfriend you
because of the words that you said
Of the things your Mother did
as they lodged inside my head.

I don't think you realize 
how hard it is to be,
A Mother of children
and that we're trying as hard as can be.

I appreciate your perspective 
but I don't think you understand, 
That no matter how difficult the task
there's no need for abusive hands.

To make a child deal with 
match burning of your siblings feet,
And turn your bedroom into a prison cell 
with no option to be treated differently. 

To force your child to eat food
beyond their capabilities, 
And to make it taste absolutely nasty
to try to bring repentance materially.

To lock a child in the room
just to try to bring them to their knees,
Because you feel when discipline doesn't work
the intensity must become beyond extreme. 

To take away everything 
your daughter thoroughly adored,
And focus on treating her like a slave 
doing all the family chores.

To remove all pretty clothing, 
jewelry, books and hobbies too
And make her live a life
with nothing fun to wear or do.

To make her scarred she might be pregnant 
or even worse have aids,
And demand that she get tested
every one hundred and eighty days.

You threaten that if this is true
you'll kick her out for sure,
Making her life more miserable by taking away
the medicine she was given for a cure.

You deny her the celebration 
of her monumental eighteenth birthday,
All the while ostracizing her 
from the family dinner table camaraderie's.

You take away her drivers license
and change all bank accounts too, 
For you believe she must be a thief
for any of this to be true.

You destroyed all her baby pictures 
declaring she's no longer your beautiful child,
Telling her no man would ever want her
since she's now a thoroughly used product. 

You state she won't get married
in a white wedding dress,
For the only color appropriate 
is a black one that will fit the occasion best.

You inflicted 7 years of reaping
since all of this came about,
From a man 28 years older that
raped and took her virginity out.

You believe for me to share my story
and how I have overcome all of this,
Means that I'm not healed 
and to talk of this is too much a risk.

Yet I believe if you look and see
these circumstances have made me who I be,
And to have forgiven my Mother
doesn't mean I must keep my story undercover. 

Forgiveness doesn't mean 
there still aren't life long affects,
That have to be dealt with
as I live with memories I can never forget.

I'm sorry that you don't see
that I'm happy since being made free,
And that I absolutely have no regrets
of leaving home without my parents blessing me.

I'm glad to know 
the real reason you unfriended me,
Even though it hurts 
as to the perspective that you see.

I hope someday you'll see
that to share your horrific story, 
Doesn't mean that your not healed
or that you've not forgiven the ones abusing thee.

But no matter your perspective yet
I'll live the truth without regret,
For I know what I've received
by loving those who intentionally hurt me.

I've got a story I have to share
to help others stuck in despair,
For I know what life can be
when you live in freedom authentically.

© Misty W Gilbert
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

poem ~ OolaGoals

To create your OolaLife
it must start with a healthy level of disgust, 
As you realize that you want
and deserve is much more than this.

This is the beginning
of creating a life lived in balance,
As you dare to live your dreams
and stop saying words I can't do it.

The choice to wake up
with your challenge before your eyes,
And determination to fight forward 
for the chance to change your life.

Don't get stuck on how to change
as you start with your why,
For you'll discover much more
when you simply get up and try.

Commit to do the work 
to have the life you really want, 
For it won't just happen on its own
if an OolaLife you wanna get.

If you have a dream for a better life
don't stay where you are,
Simply set a goal to achieve
and crush it by all means.

We all have have a choice 
in how we live each day,
But the benefits of seeking an OolaLife 
have repercussions beyond today. 

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #OolaLife #Oola #OolaForWomen #OolaPoem #OolaGoals #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

Friday, May 19, 2017

poem ~ OolaLife

Everyone is on a search
to obtain their own OolaLife,
As they try to find the balance
in all the things required for this life.

Oola is an expression 
that you use to describe your life,
For it's a state of awesomeness
living in the 7 key areas of life.

The 7 F's of Oola
help you to focus on less stress,
As you create the ultimate plan
to live a life balanced filled with success.

To have an OolaLife
requires you to do yearly goal-setting,
In the actions, insights and goals 
in all the things that fill your soul.

For when your life is filled with purpose
in Field, Fitness, Finance and Fun,
You know the Oola destination
can never be undone.

To live your OolaLife
with Family, Friends, and Faith,
Means you're on the path to discover
and unlock the greatness in which you're made.

To achieve the work-life balance
and the vision of your dreams,
You've got to address the Oola Blockers
that keep you back in self-sabotaging schemes.

When you create an OolaLife
filled with Gratitude and Faith,
These are the biggest Oola Accelerators
that will grow and change your unbalanced state.

So the question I ask you
as you think about your life,
Are you living it in balance 
as you build your OolaLife?

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Oola #OolaLife #OolaPoem #OolaForWomen

Thursday, May 18, 2017

poem ~ your view

How do you deal with something
that's heavy on your heart?
Will you lift it up in prayer
or let it tear you all apart? 

How will you process 
the pain in your soul?
Will you let it perfect you
or let it affect everything you can't control?

Will you find some gratitude 
for the lovely things in your life?
Or will you stay focused 
on the things causing you strife?

Will you fervently embrace 
the beauty of today?
Or let fear and anxiety
control all your thinking space?

Will you take action 
to do the next best thing?
Or will you stay frozen
cuz you can't see the end?

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #HeartOfLove #HeartPioneers #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #YourView

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

poem ~ the results of pressure

I know you are going 
through a difficult time too, 
But what if you remembered
it's part of the process of making a beautiful you?

What if you changed 
your perspective of pressure, 
And saw the results 
as added benefits to measure?

When you glance around at life
and review the things that you see,
Like the butterflies that come 
from a caterpillar pod up in the tree.

You can't help but reflect
on all the changes and effects, 
That come from the process 
from being a cocoon in a nest.

What if you stayed there all scarred
as to what you would be,
If you shed the comfy pod
surrounding your body?

Would you wanna stay there
wrapped all in a pod,
Or would you wanna be more
beautiful and vibrant abroad?

Yet the beauty that comes
when we give into the pressure,
Is one that produces 
so many experiences in the future.

So no matter if you are
a diamond or a pearl,
Remember that there's more 
when there's pressure to the core.

Don't stay stuck
looking at this view, 
When you can be transformed
into something brand new.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #TheResultsOfPressure #ADifferentPerspective #GrowBeyond #ChangeIsGood

poem ~ you ask

You ask for wisdom
and I give you a sign.

You ask for courage
and I place a spark deep inside.

You ask for hope
and I show you a glimpse of how I'm gonna take care of it for you.

You ask for direction
and I close the door.

You ask for understanding
and I answer 24/7.

You ask for peace
and I ask for you to let me have it.

You ask for results
and I show you the choice to be disciplined.

You ask for more
and I reveal how you can do with less.

You ask for love 
and I give you more then you could ever want.

You say you need answers now
and I help you to see the value of giving it more time.

You ask 
and I say let's look at it with new eyes.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #YouAsk #ADifferentPerspective #GodsPlan