Saturday, December 24, 2016

12 reasons I get to Celebrate Christmas

12 reasons I am blessed as I celebrate my 3rd Christmas:
1. I get to learn more about Jesus each year as I am willing to replace all the lies I was told as to why Christmas was wrong, why Jesus didn't want me celebrating his birth, and uncover the truth about the meaning of Jesus birth and life for me with new perspectives.
2. I get to enjoy songs I have never heard before or know the lyrics to, that share the message of Jesus through my Meredith Andrews Pandora station of Holiday Music!
3. I get to celebrate friendships in a new way with events and parties that are focused on connection and love!
4. I get to look someone in the eyes and say Merry Christmas and not feel condemned, shamed or that I am wrong to do so.
5. I get to share my story with others who can't imagine what it is like to be raised without Christmas or who can't understand why anyone would think this is wrong.
6. I get to have unique opportunities on how I spend Christmas Day since I do not have my immediate family in my life and my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins I am connected to (the ones that want me in their life), do not live in Texas. So though I am "alone", I get to do things others wouldn't be able to do and get to see first hand how others celebrate this season and I get to do it with them!
7. I get to receive Christmas Cards with joy and pin them up on a wall in my living room and think about the friends who took the time to send me a message, and not just throw them in the recycle bin as soon as I got them because it was ungodly stuff to have in my house.
8. I get to be intentional in my celebration of Christmas and create my own traditions!
9. I get to wrap beautiful gifts and shower others with a token of my love!
10. I get to be reminded more frequently and in new ways just how much Jesus Loves Me!
11. I get to share the light Jesus has given me because of his birth and what His life has done for me in a different way!
12. I get to reflect even more on what love is. What Jesus wants from me. And how I can live that more prevalent in my every day life!