Sunday, July 3, 2016

poem ~ the truth

You say the facts don't matter
but I promise you they do,
For you see, 1 plus 1 is always 2.
You can hold onto your perspective
or you can openly search for the truth
For asking for honestly is better then adding to hurt.
Truth isn't meant to divide or build walls
no, it is designed to resolve your deep hate
For the core of truth is built only in love.
You can make up your own facts
or you can acknowledge what's actually true
For in this you will find, the truth always is true.
Truth isn't difficult
but truth you must find
For in acceptance of truth, true freedom is divine.
I promise I won't fight, to show you the way
For God gives you a choice
to choose your own way.
You can believe me or disown me
but the truth is still known,
For even if you don't like it, the truth always becomes known.