Monday, July 17, 2017

poem ~ if you could

If you could give grace
instead of condemn,
Do you think the result
would be better my Friend?

If you could show love
instead of react this time,
Do you think you might gain
another perspective in your mind?

If you could be patient
instead of demanding again,
Do you think you would see
an outcome that’s beneficial to each end?

If you could embrace your feelings
that you shove deep inside,
Do you think you might realize
why you were created to be human and not demonized?

If you could see fear
as a path for excitement for life,
Do you think you might resolve it
with a greater appreciation at its sight?

If you could realize
there is nothing to regret,
Do you think every choice that you make
is just what you get to accept?

If you could be real
and honor all of you,
Do you think you might have compassion
for all you have been through?

© Misty W Gilbert
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