Monday, February 27, 2017

poem ~ grace for today

My eyes cannot see you
yet I know you are there.
My hands cannot touch you
yet I feel you are here.

You're there in the shadows
when I'm alone in the dark
You see every tear
that I cry from my heart.

You're there in the daylight
when I'm walking the path
You see the confusion
as I attempt to sort out the map.

You're clearing the boulders
as they appear on the track
You see my strength failing
as I struggle to grasp.

I see my reflection
when I look in the mirror
I wonder what you're doing
as I question my fears.

Help me to quit trying 
to make sense of the reason
For all that you are doing
in this important season.

Give me the courage
to pursue just today
For you have promised to be 
in the details always.

Help me to grow
as the person you created to be
For this is all
you are asking of me.

I ask you to stay with me
as I journey this way
Give me increased faith 
to walk in your grace today.

© Misty W Gilbert
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