Friday, July 21, 2017

poem ~ Love Like Pure Water

Oh how I want to really live
A life full of love
To everyone I shall give.

A life that will love
With a heart pure like water
For out of it generosity flows wider.

To be pure like water 
Means my reflection it will bare
Every mark of intention and authenticity flare.

And to reflect clarity there
I must genuinely seek
Excellence in all my pathways that meet.

To genuinely live purely
Is to be renewed fully
By forgiveness and love solely.

In renewal I will find
My heart is just like thine
And to love is simply just kind.

For my heart wants to know
And authentically grow
To expand love just like the oceans depth.

As authentically you discover
Its view is like no other
With various hues to uncover.

When the view of love you see
You’ll profoundly be free
To live from the heart intentionally.

Once you’ve been made free
No longer can you ever be
Enclosed in any boxes indefinitely.

To love like pure water
Is my hearts call to you
For the impact is undoubtedly beautifully true.

As you answer your hearts call
I hope you’ll give it your all
For to really love isn’t ever small.

The choice to give your all today
Is the message love has to say
There’s always more as you can’t give it all away.

As you reflect on this message my friend
Please know the benefits will never end
As to love like pure water is where it begins.

© Misty W Gilbert
April 2017
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