Sunday, January 29, 2017

the reminders of love

I believe the success of our lives is increasingly going to be more and more determined by how we manage our own spirit.  How we are able to keep an inner peace when the world is fighting and angry.  How we will develop methods to strengthen our lives while to the detriment of our modern world, the majority are living every moment increasingly drawn to feed fear, live in anger, say they want freedom but are doing things that keep them in bondage, unable to love through differences, unwilling to see through differences and various perspectives, forgetting that at the core we are all the same, and ultimately that the only healing powers in any relationship is love.  

Complete love.  Full-blown love.  Unconditional love. Limitless love. Remove the mask love.
#TheSassyVoice #ThePowerOfChoice #ADifferentPerspective #ChooseLove