Wednesday, May 3, 2017

poem ~ why do you

What are you fighting
down deep in your heart?
When all that you want
is a fresh new start. 

Why do you think 
running from pain will cure you?
When the key to the pain
is to let it work through you.

Why do you feel
you're not gonna make it?
When all that you've been asked
is to just not fake it.

Why don't you believe
that it will all work out?
When if you looked back on your life
you wouldn't have any doubts.

Why do you pretend
that you don't even care? 
When if you looked deeper
there still is love there.

Why do you do
the very things you despise?
When if you had a little more grace
it all might be easier to take.

What will it take
to get you to see?
For to have faith means
you believe in a vision yet to be.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ today

I ask you to be bold,
to be present 
in what matters most,
to your heart. 

I ask you to have courage,
to do what you think you can't 
and press on,
just doing the next best thing.

I ask you to have patience,
when things aren't going as planned
for in this moment you can choose,
to not let it ruin your outlook. 

I ask you to have hope,
in the midst of your pain 
and challenges,
to believe that it's all working out for your good.

I ask you to have peace,
in the negative circumstances 
and in the face of your enemies,
because God is with you.

I ask you to love,
all those that have hurt you
and spitefully used you,
forgive them for they know not what they do.

I ask you to be generous, 
with your time, energy and money
for when you do,
you being life to those around you.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Today #BeCouragous #BeGenerous #BeLoving