Monday, July 31, 2017

poem ~ the abused soul

Oh if you could believe and see
the deep wounds that lived inside of me,
Then maybe all the things you think
would shift the perspective that you keep.

See some think they know the story so well
in reality they’ve just built their own to tell,
But you can never really know the truth
until your own opinion releases its root.

In order to gain the simple trust
of someone whose been abused so much,
You have to let the truth be known
and provide a safe space for each to own.

Not all your friends will be able to accept
or absorb the graphic pain you lived years through yet,
And though that hurts because it’s very real
your story still you must completely tell.

If you could have the faith to see
that all of this created you who you be,
So strong and loving to the core
boldly assertive and authentic even more.

Don’t let those that don’t get you
ever stop you on the path you choose,
For life has a purpose of greater truth
in spite of those who reject its message through you.

For to make a significant impact
you must leave the ones stuck in fear and regret,
And reach the ones waiting in the dark
that want true freedom and a better life to start.

So keep your focus on your vision clear
because you know this is a season here,
And as you live with your passion of fire
you’ll find the ones that treasure it with abundant desire.

Remember how you lived entrenched in such fear
believing life was meaningless and pointless my dear,
Because of all the boxes people around you required
you didn’t flourish or live remotely inspired.

Sure you had Jesus there in your heart
but the illusion of freedom was the biggest part,
For life was built all around rules
without an objective of love and grace as tools.

No the benefits in life were limited at best
for nobody believed you were doing your best,
So continually you lived just trying to cope
feeling that in everything that there really was limited hope.

So trust me when I say that I honestly get it my friend
for I’ve been where you are in a box full of secrets that don’t end,
But until you’ve been through a full transformation deep
you’ll never know the release from the desperation you keep.

Yet I promise if you’ll take the time
you’ll find a heart that’s renewed like mine,
And your true light will radiantly shine
for life is quite beautiful when its meaning you find.

© Misty W Gilbert
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