Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Prayer 11.22.2016

Dear Lord,

Today as we reflect on our lives, I pray that we will realize that life can sometimes be like a game of Checkers or Chess (or really any other game), we have to take time to contemplate the next move. We have to consider options. We have to decide what we feel we should play. We have to decide how we will show up. We have to make a plan, plan our plan, and be committed to our plan. We have to ultimately have a vision of where you want to go and the end result of the game so you can create each play in the game.

Let us not forget that in every moment, we have to ultimately act. We can talk all day about a plan, but action is what creates results. And through action we show the world our choice.

We have to trust that we will know that you will guide us into which move is right. We know that it is through making decisions repeatedly and being disciplined that we get results. We also know that you give us a choice to choose. We have freedom in this power you give us. Help us to make the play that you want us to.

Sometimes we have to position ourselves for a loss so we can have a bigger or better or more important win. Sometimes we get crowned King or Queen. Sometimes we conqueror everything in our path. Sometimes we loose it all. Sometimes the things we loose aren't nearly as important as the energy we give them. Just as some of the wins we really want aren't nearly as important as we place them to be.

Sometimes we feel the whole play is taking too long. Sometimes the whole outcome unravels and happens all very quickly. Sometimes we see what is coming and sometimes we are blind sighted. But in all of this, your timing is perfect, and we need to realize that you are the master of the game. We can't let the game determine the outcome of our enjoyment of it.

We are told that those who win are the winners of life and those that loose are the losers of life. Yet, in reality, the score doesn't matter. You've covered all the wins and all the losses. Help us to not get stuck in the wins or the losses but to enjoy the game.

Help us to see each person on the team who is fighting with us to stay in the game. Help us to appreciate all the players, not just the ones on our team but the ones fighting against us, for they help strengthen us. They help us become better in the game. They help create the character inside of us to play the game. They show us what we need to learn to be a better player. They also make us see what is possible in ourselves when we can't see it. Help us to take the blows that are dealt directly at us and be a champion. Help us to remember that we are always being watched.

In all of this game of life, you are always with us, in every move. We do not have to be afraid. We do not have to have worry. We do not have to be discouraged. You give us hope. You give us strength. You only ask us to believe in faith. To trust you. And above all love you and your players.

Today as we continue to play our game, may we be more devoted to focusing on being intentional in our connections, relationships and time with each other. May we be the arms and feet of you to all those who come into our game. May we forgive. May we give grace. May we treat each other the way we want to be treated.

May we make more choices to love in spite of the pain we have experienced in life. May we choose faith over doubt. May we share more truth and light. May we choose love. May we never loose heart in the game and always stay focused.

In your loving and powerful name I pray, AMEN!
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