Friday, October 14, 2016

Single with a Purpose

Being single isn't for the faith heart. It is a choice to wait for the person we believe God is bringing to us. It a choice to not give into the hookup culture. It is a choice to continue to believe in Marriage even if we do not have a guy or girl of our own. It is a choice to continue to have faith and trust that God has a plan. It is an opportunity to work on ourselves, trying to be our best each and every day, to work extremely hard, to be diligent in our goals and plans for the future, to not be a victim in our circumstances, to not grow bitter when others seem to have the love of their life and make you feel like a 5th wheel for your single status, it is a choice to remain positive, it is always an option to seek to be an overcomer, to love ourselves through all of it: the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, knowing that we are happy single because we know that being married isn't our identity and shouldn't be our main life goal, but we continue to believe that loving relationships make life even more beautiful and so with that we have hope that someday we will post Facebook statuses like you do that shout to the world who the love of our life is!

[I had to create my own version of what is going around Facebook for Married Couples because at almost 40...well, I got a lot of Single Years Experience!!!]