Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prayer 08.23.2016

Dear God,
Today, I step out in faith, deeper as I search for answers to questions I have. Deeper as I acknowledge areas I am making mistakes and floundering to carry out what you have asked of me. Deeper as I desire to grow more like you have called me to be.
To be bold.
A heart to learn.
Always seeking truth.
I ask that you help me to see a way around my obstacles. I ask you to help me to create more internal peace in the midst of challenges of being disrespected, dishonored, and abused. Help me to keep pursuing you and not focus on these offenses. Help me to stay the course and continue an upward gaze, fixed on the outcome, not the circumstances. Help me to see how to utilize the strength you have given me to face today, this moment, and nothing else. Help me to see that fear paralyzes me, holds me back, builds walls, creates barriers, makes the challenge 100 times more then what it really is. Help me to not grow weary in this path you have called for me to walk.
Because I love you Jesus.
I pray in your most loving powerful abundant and limitless name, AMEN!
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