Wednesday, March 29, 2017

poem ~ in a crisis

The process of a crisis
is breaking us down
And shaking us out,
Removing any certainty
but many times adding to doubt.

When in the moment of a crisis
as hard as it is to believe
Beyond everything you see,
There is a benefit of shifting 
the energy in me.

When you face a crisis
you must focus on what's real
For in this moment of truth,
You uncover the realization 
the intensity of events so surreal.

To make it through a crisis
you must see things in a different light
And focus on what's important,
For that my dear friend
is enough to handle for the moment.

But even in a crisis
there are miracles to be seen
For when you get slammed with loads of bad stuff,
You can still hold onto the dream
and find gratitude in all things.

As you live in a crisis
and shake out the excess
Somehow it's easier to see more clearly,
The ones around you 
who love you most dearly.

When you're in a crisis
it seems like it's an endless tunnel
To endless questions that cycle,
Wishing answers to come 
to shape the options for this mile.

No matter your crisis 
there is always the hope
That once you live through this moment,
You will heal and be safe again
and know you don't just have to cope.

Your crisis will come
and it will go
But the lessons it leaves with you
Follow you
wherever you go.

© Misty W Gilbert
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