Wednesday, July 6, 2016

poem ~ I say

I say Follow Me
you say I can't see the way.

I say Come to Me
you say I can do this my own way.

I say Trust Me
you say I want to believe you.

I say Believe in Me
you say I don't see you.

I say...
if only you could see things from my view.

I say Follow Me
for I will show you the way.

I say Come to Me
to surrender as it's light and easy.

I say Trust Me
for faith is shown when you see no action.

I say Believe in Me
for I've given you abundant life.

I say...
but I give you the choice today.

~ Written By Misty Gilbert
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

poem ~ the truth

You say the facts don't matter
but I promise you they do,
For you see, 1 plus 1 is always 2.
You can hold onto your perspective
or you can openly search for the truth
For asking for honestly is better then adding to hurt.
Truth isn't meant to divide or build walls
no, it is designed to resolve your deep hate
For the core of truth is built only in love.
You can make up your own facts
or you can acknowledge what's actually true
For in this you will find, the truth always is true.
Truth isn't difficult
but truth you must find
For in acceptance of truth, true freedom is divine.
I promise I won't fight, to show you the way
For God gives you a choice
to choose your own way.
You can believe me or disown me
but the truth is still known,
For even if you don't like it, the truth always becomes known.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

when life sets back your writing

I started my personal blog in 2007.  The original plan was for it to be a recap of trips and big events in my life, kind of like an online scrapbook with writings and pictures.  As time went on and I found my voice in putting words on paper, it has developed into me writing more frequently, me writing more and more thoughts, sharing personal things, creating dialogue to inspire you to reflect on your own life and in doing so, I have become more and more vulnerable in sharing you bits and pieces of my life.  This process has been an evolving process and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed as it has grown me tremendously!  I never would have dreamed I was a writer, but it has been an outlet my heart has needed.  

Last year however, when I faced some horrific attacks both personally and in my business, I quit writing as much as I had been.  I didn't have the heart and so I disappeared from my blog.  I felt my time, energy, and focus needed to be working through the situations I was facing of an extreme level in loosing some very close and important friendships to me as I was facing a legal battle with having to sue a client to be paid for services I rendered because they refused to setup a payment plan.  After getting some legal advice, I felt I needed to minimize the exposure I had in order to protect myself.  I felt that I needed to connect with other things and took my writing into a personal journal instead of here online.

Sometimes life does this to us.  It knocks us on off our feet.  It wrecks havoc on the very things that mean lots to us.  It makes us wonder what our mission is.  It makes us frustrated with the circumstances we are experiencing.  It makes us ask God more fervently for direction. It stretches our faith.  It is a purification process.  When we allow this to do it's perfect work, we can see God's hand in our lives to an even greater degree.  When we don't fight the process and are open to being pruned, being cut off from the things that up until this point have given us life, when we are willing to be broken down so that we can be repaired, we can then be healed and grow again.

A lot has transpired and it will be hard to bring you up to speed on all that, and I honestly at this point am not going to even try.  However, I want you to know that I am going to resume my writing and I pray that as I continue to be a part of your life and share a part of my journey with you that you too will be willing to go deeper with God.  That you too will be willing to be vulnerable.  That you too will accept another purification process.  That you too will strengthen your faith.  That you too will let God heal you through whatever pain of life you are experiencing.

God is with you my friend.  Even in the dark, ugly, and horrific mess.  He is with you!  Have FAITH!!!  He is working all things out for your good.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

a fabulous weekend

This has been a fabulous weekend! 

~ Speed Dating Event - this is my 3rd time to do this and no, all 6 of the guys were a "no" which just helps me to become even clearer on what I am looking for in a man to join my life! I love that it is easy to know when there is a fit and when there isn't.

~ Wedding Celebration for a dear friend and reflections during that wedding on his life, what he has accomplished and his impact in mine. He has inspired me to increase my stamina to be able to dance for hours and hours and hours and not be out of breath. Seriously!!! Wow!

~ 2.5 Hour Webinar from someone in my ‪#‎CircleOfInfluence‬ on How To Write Better.

~ Clarity obtained on some things holding me back from being able to ‪#‎CreatTheLifeYouWant‬ and how I will change this. Specifically: I am going to take my vulnerability on my videos up a notch. I set a schedule with my Writing Accountability Partner to meet my blog goals, book goal, and other material I am working on with friends for their online university. Some new goals made for my personal life with regards to my routine, specifically some workouts and my schedule. Postponed starting a Bible Study that I was going to begin this week until August as I have 2 I am already in and I was overstretching myself.

~ A new commitment to write again on my personal blog more frequently (some of you are going to be beyond ecstatic that I am doing this as you have missed me immensely and have wanted me to do this).

~ Some dreaming on some things I want to do with my business and changes I want to implement.

~ Some progress made on my ‪#‎MinimalismGoals‬ in my ‪#‎30DayChallenge‬ to get rid of 465 items! I have made $150.00 so far in this process. I have set a hard core deadline of December 31st, 2016 to complete this project with an outline of what I want to complete each month.

~ Hired a guy to clear my lot to put back on the market to sell.

~ Did yard work in my swimsuit...what can be better then getting a tan and trimming bushes? My mom would die.

~ I will resume ‪#‎DanceLessons‬ in July.
‪#‎2016Goals‬ ‪#‎PursueYourDreams‬ ‪#‎LiveIntentionally‬

Saturday, April 30, 2016

poem ~ new path

I'm on my new path
Without you
It's both freeing
And yet it hurts so deeply it's true.

Not ashamed of my pain
Sometimes it's motivation
To face the crowd and the critics
And show them what real love is.

To avoid my pain
Won't ever allow me to fully heal
For I wanna live differently
With a whole new perspective in grace.

I know what I want
And when I reflect on this fact
I believe your rejection is truly just yet
Another chapter in this courageous journey of my life.

In the days
I'm lost and the pain takes my breathe away
I get to choose to learn and love me more
For these circumstances make me stronger.

It drives me
To search more deeply
For your peace, love and the truth
Yes, I really abundantly know it.

In the root of pain
Through the questions and criticism from others
It is shaping and sculpturing
A more beautiful soul fighting a war in me.

I have you
What more could I want
God you unconditionally just love me
Everyday, in every single way.

You give me a clear view
And with my new confident heart
I continue creating this path for all I want in life
There ain't nothing stopping me!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

poem ~ today is a gift

Today is a gift
opened with the sun,
I thoroughly lived it,
and breathed it.
I took it in my arms, 
hugged it tight,
and savored each moment
for it's another page
in my chapter.
The gift is spent
and it is time to return
it to the moon
for when I release it
I know tomorrow
I will get yet another.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

poem ~ the free one

I sometimes wonder
I question your plan
I ask the meaning
Of all life's demands.

I want something different
I aim for the gold
I long for the feeling
Of life's journey to be told.

I know it takes faith
I believe with much love
I contemplate action
Of hope to rise above.

I am the free one
I have the power to be
I only can choose
Of which happy lives in me.

I focus on thriving
I intentionally give
I know it's my goal
Of each day that I live.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

poem ~ give love a chance

I say I love you
but you don't comprehend
the depth of these words
or the meaning my friend.

They don't just belong
in my head or my heart
for I live them in moments
each day from the start.

A life full of love
gives meaning and hope
makes everything special
with more ways to cope.

Love has such meaning
many ways it can be shown
the depth of believing
is fully unknown.

Love has no boundaries
it truly has no walls
the only obstruction
is by ones own withdrawal.

Give love a chance
don't hold it back
for it's in this moment
you can never look back.

Monday, April 4, 2016

poem ~ dating vacation

A damsal in distress
That I am not
Sure I've been hurting
Depressed I am not.

Yes I was dating
Today I am not
Don't try to judge me
As I unravel my knot.

A dating vacation
It's my choice I say
This conscious decision
For I want to bloom today.

To give time for healing
As I discover in grief
The relationships meaning
By faith I have belief.

You say just move on
To choose someone new
But little is this true
When your heart is so blue.

The day then will come
When I am open again
To receiving the love
And attention of men.

But until I believe
I have arrived at that place
Please honor my boundaries
In request of this space.

A man who is pushy
To force his way in
Won't get my attention
In his effort to win.

Nope this is not
Me playing hard to get
I'm knee deep in this chapter
Simply facing my shit.

Some days I do quite well
Other times I'm not fine
But none of this matter
If I'm just passing the time.

Single status I am
Unafraid I am not
For I am surrounded
By friends quite a lot.

I know who I am
And the things I am not
I trust in my God
For healing He's bought.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

poem ~ follow your heart

I'm just a girl on a journey
embracing the moment
experiencing each day
with vibrance and life.

My path is different
then yours on most days
because I believe
in the uniqueness of ways.

Yet as much as I am different
I am also alike
you and your vision
in this thing we call life.

My heart is for courage
and connection through love
To become a woman of virtue
built on the foundation of truth.

Some days it is clear
what this looks like to me
Some days it is muddy
beyond recognizable belief.

My experiences may differ
and beliefs may look wrong
but if you trusted in love
you would believe in the song.

Through pain I have found
new ways to have hope
for in it I discovered
my calling and purpose.

No matter the difference
you see in my life
one thing you can't touch
is the freedom in Christ.

I want to encourage you
to see beyond pain
to find hope in dealing
with healing and rain.

To be the person
God called you to be
you must choose to live
through moments like these.

The power of choice
remains yours to use
the gift in each blessing
intentionally you choose.

Embrace all that life
has brought you today
for in each encounter
you must choose the way.

Don't live in regrets
just follow your heart
flowing open with love
in every part.
~ written by Misty Gilbert 04.03.2016
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

poem ~ you took my heart

You took my heart
Grasped in your hands
Believing in it all
The relationship would stand.

This thriving organ
Full of love demands
As it breathed it's energy
From life in your embrace.

This new found concept
Of love swept my face
It wasn't taken lightly
This choice of a date.

You squeezed real tight
Afraid to let go
Asking over and over
If I would leave you so.

I promised always
To show you love
No matter the outcome
Of this thing called love.

Good Morning Gorgeous!
You always said to me
I was beyond blessed
Each day you texted me.

How could one rock
This world of mine
And make such a difference
Each day at a time?

In embracing each moment
As I chose to do
I learned so much
From the interaction with you.

Always searching
For an answer or clue
A way to transform
Your relationship view.

The days that you gave me
Will always be viewed
As one of the highlights
Of feelings I knew.

The love that you showed me
Will always be missed
For how could one not
Remember each kiss?

The day came abruptly
This choice you had made
To choose none other
Then aloneness for better.

No matter the reason
You chose to let go
It is hard to fathom
Why love you would throw.

In searching the questions
How someone could know
That love isn't an option
They want to grow.

In all the moments
Of heartache we face
There is so much truth
In forgiveness and grace.

My love will remain
Constant and true
For in this my heart
Originally found you.

No matter my journey
Of life on from here
I know that in time
This will be history dear.
~ written by Misty Gilbert 03.29.2016

Thursday, March 24, 2016

poem ~ love for atonement

I opened the door and let you inside,
you peeked in and found a place to reside.

You got a glimpse of what nobody else ever saw,
and you captured it over and over, in every photo.

I shared moments with you, no one else ever had,
in opening my heart, I will truly always be glad.

With words and with actions, you had me believe,
I would always be special, if I could only receive.

The depth of emotion, in these moments of love,
the strength of connection, beyond heavens above.

I will never forget you, this chapter you wrote,
for in it you opened, intrinsic love quotes.

The song isn't singing, anywhere in my soul,
for my heart is bleeding, around the big hole.

The journey is painful, some days I just cry,
but I promise I am grateful, even if I ask why.

The fact still remains, I choose to believe,
that life does contain, everything you retrieve.

With hope in my dreams, even in the pain of this moment,
I find courage that means, there is love for atonement.

~ written by Misty Gilbert 03.24.2016
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Friday, March 18, 2016

love alone is worth the fight

Whenever we face difficult things in our lives, we have a choice to continue to fight or retreat. We have a choice to believe the lies or seek the truth. We have the choice to continue to love or build anger, resentment, regret, pride or hide. We have a choice to just go through something or grow through it.

Today, I am going to be vulnerable and share matter who reads it or shares it...what I write is from my heart and it is the truth.

In my continued healing journey from an amazing experience with my first boyfriend/committed relationship ever, I have been evaluating, questioning and seeking to restore balance to my life.

I have been intentional in trying to process what I need to learn from this experience, to not go back to my old beliefs that guys are jerks, all men abuse you, there are no good guys out there, love is too risky, that relationships are too much hard work, that my mom is once again correct in her statement that no man will ever want me, that I am not good enough to be loved [for who I am and as I am], and that I am a failure.

I know deep in my heart that I fought hard for the relationship. I didn't give up when conflict showed it's face. I asked to work through issues when they presented themselves. I asked questions to learn, determined to understand, and built a foundation around the fact that you were very important to me.

I asked why, how, when, who, what. I chose to practice modeling a relationship I didn't see lived out in front of my eyes. I took the relationship advice from a girlfriend and made showing love and not being defensive over anything or at any time in the relationship my focus, no matter how difficult that was to do. I said I love you even if you are shutting me out, did't want to talk about it, or are trying to make me out to be like every other girl you dated. I said I am sorry. I am here for you. I still love you. I said that I will never leave you. I will never walk out on you. No matter what happens.

And I kept that commitment for the 131 days that you wanted to be a part of my life, each and every day. I gave you a new story to have in the Chapter of your book. You gave me a new story to have in the Chapter of my book.

I choose to remember the amazing 18 weekends we had together/19 weeks of traveling to your side of town. I choose to hold close to my heart all the first experiences I got with you. I choose to accept and believe that God wanted you to teach me some lessons, and that He had you come into my life at the perfect time. Because I know that my "It's a Wonderful Life" wouldn't be what it is without you.

When the pain became unbearable, I sat down and started writing a letter to you, no matter the time of day or night,in the middle of tears, in the middle of your anger towards me. When I couldn't think what more to say, I left it for days until I could figure out how to write what I was feeling, thinking, believed and wanted you to know. People told me you would not read it and that I shouldn't send it. People said you clearly didn't want to have healing in your life and that to want that for you wasn't going to serve you. Not knowing if I would ever send it, I wrote anyways. Not knowing if I did send it, if you would even read it, I wrote anyways. I decided I had to be true to me, I had to write what was in my heart and mind, and I finally mailed it nearly 3 weeks after the breakup, coincidentally the same day you blocked me from Facebook. I couldn't have planned this if I tried. But God did. I pray for you every single day. And I know I will the rest of my life because you made that much of an impact on my soul.

I believe for a time I was your "Little Something". When I need to process through my emotions, I write poems about a "Thing Called Love". I have hope and know what a future can look like "On A Good Day". I have a vision of how much "Blue Sky Action" I want in my life. And though you are right, "You Don't Deserve Me", I will always remember "At The End of Every Journey". When I haven't been able to figure out why it still hurts, I remind myself of the message "Don't You Worry Child" and I read that seven page letter I sent you so I don't forget those unforgettable moments. To encourage me in what LOVING someone actually does in reality look like. I remember that "Love Alone Is Worth the Fight". And I know this was communicated to you, even up until my last text message to you that said: I Love You.

I can honestly still say that I have no regrets. I will continue to face the pain of rejection, the hurt and struggles this has brought to me, but I am not the first who has faced this and this isn't the first time I have been rejected. My own parents didn't want me. My own girlfriend abandoned me. I am an overcomer and this is only going to propel me further on the path God has for me. Yes, it might be a new journey for me, a new path that I haven't spent time on before, but though this whole process has had it's wounds, which are now creating scars, I also see how it is developing me into a more beautiful soul. You can't prevent me from telling everyone how wonderful you are because I believe in you, even though that doesn't include me being a part of your life anymore, even from a distance, I will still choose to still believe in love because I know there is someone who will love me like I love them! I will continue to live my life as the quote is on my voicemail, that states "Seize The Day", as it has since I moved here to Texas, September 1997 - while there is time to build, to laugh, to love, to run, to build, to pray...seize the day!

Will you choose to believe that relationships are worth the fight? 

Will you fight for love? 

Will you embrace your pain and allow it to create a deeper beauty in your soul? 

Will you remember the unforgettable moments and choose to celebrate them?
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[each of the songs listed above in quotes were part of this chapter of my life]

Thursday, March 17, 2016

remove the mask. online. offline. be you.

Do you want to remove your mask and live a life online and offline that isn't pretending your reality looks like someone else’s idea of perfect? What would it take for you just show up as you?
When you show up with your one beautiful, messy life, you will find your people, the ones you belong to, the ones who belong to you.
Be everything. Because your life, the real one you are already living is beautiful. Yes, it is Instagram-perfect, just as it is!
Remember, reality is just that. It is really true. It is not fake. It is a mix of messy, sometimes downright ugly. But that ugliness and messiness is what is truly beautiful.
Did you know that the whole world wants you to show and share with them, online and offline, the real you?
You fit in it just as you are. Today. Because YOU are amazing! YOU are beautiful. Fully. YOU are unique, a perfectly imperfect soul just the way you are.
Accept it. Believe it. Don't hide it. Share it because we are missing the beauty inside your soul when you pretend behind your selfie Instagram-wanna-be life.
‪#‎RemoveTheMask‬ ‪#‎BeYOU‬ ‪#‎ChooseToBeDifferent‬ ‪#‎YouAreBeautiful‬‪#‎TheSassyVoice‬

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fear of Failure and Rejection

Fear of failure and rejection is a universal feeling. Everyone experiences these fears at some point in their lives. As long as we use fear as a drive to overcome, to get back up and keep moving forward even when it seems impossible, or to open up our hearts and trust again, we can achieve the success and acceptance we have been searching for in business, love or whatever it is that is important to us.

When we fail or experience rejection, the tendency is to close ourselves off by putting walls up around us, tell ourselves we aren't talented, capable or worthy enough to have what we want and sadly...give up on our dreams and aspirations.

The rationale is that if you protect yourself in this way, you ensure that you will never get hurt again by another person and if you don't get back up and try again, then you won't experience failure. But isn't that failure in itself? As adopting this attitude absolutely ensures you NEVER have what it is you had always envisioned you would. Shutting everyone out and resigning yourself to the fact that you will stop trying so as not to taste the bitterness of failure seals your fate of never being able to connect with another or achieving the goals you once had.

The courage to allow ourselves to become vulnerable again is actually the key to having any chance at reaching our goals, whether they be business, personal, or relationship related.

Most people see vulnerability as a weakness, when it is in fact indicative of how strong, courageous and determined you are to get what you know you want and deserve. Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and opening yourself up 100% no matter what pain or rejection you experience in life is the only way you are going to be able to connect the way you want to to someone, if that is your goal, or land that business opportunity you likely would not have otherwise, if you hadn't put yourself in a situation outside your comfort level. That is the risk (or courage) it takes to enable you to meet that person that could give you the opportunity of a life time as they are able to see your ambition and drive to succeed, and recognize that what you have to offer is exactly what they have been looking for!

Don't be intimidated by fear, but rather be courageous IN fear. When you fall, get back up, staying in your vulnerability. After all, if you don't have what you have always wanted, you have nothing to lose right? You are absolutely here for a purpose and deserve whatever it is you are willing to work for. So live with passion and purpose and go get what it is you deserve! But it's up to you! Kick fear to the curb! You can do it! - Holly Kempton
‪#‎NoFear‬ ‪#‎BeCourageous‬ ‪#‎LiveWithPassion‬ ‪#‎PursueYourDreams‬‪#‎CreateTheLifeYouWant‬ ‪#‎LiveIntentionally‬

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Your Social Media Message

Some people say you should only post once a day to Facebook and some say you should post every hour. Some say you should get one platform and sync everything through it, others say you should be on all platforms.

Some will tell you to keep posts short and sweet others will say write as much as you want. Some say you should only repost other people's stuff and some say you should create all your own content. Some will say you get more with pictures and some say you need more written content.

Some people will like your message and some people will hate you for it. Some people will be inspired and others will only condemn and criticize you further for sharing your voice. Some will like the interaction with you if it is feeding a need they have, but once that need is met, they will cut you out of their life.

Some will do everything in their power to take you down, be ugly, and discourage you by telling you lies or others lies about you and your platform because they are jealous or wish they could live the life you are living. Some will hear these lies and let the seeds be planted in their mind and believe your platform is a show, fake, hypocritical, or being created for a selfish purpose.

You have a choice on who you listen to and who you accept input from. You have a choice on what limiting beliefs you will hold onto and what risks you will take to try something new that goes against mainstream social media or is outside of the box. You have a choice as to what you allow in your news feed and what needs to go.

No matter what your circle of influence is, whose voice you are listening to, or your method of sharing that message...please know this:
- The TRUTH cannot be hid.
- Those that LOVE themselves, will be able to be LOVING to you.
- As water reflects one's face, so one's life reflects the heart.
- Actions speak louder than words.
- Results do not lie.
- Strength does not come without pain, challenges, difficulty, hard work, or determination.
- True social media is about relationships, not just sharing a message you put out. This means you will have interaction, dialogue, and the sharing is two-ways. Otherwise it is not a relationship, it is marketing.
- You will become like the 5 closest people around you. Make sure you are investing in a circle of influence that will grow you, not tear you down.
- Life has a way of shaking out the bad apples. Let them fall from the tree and keep seeking the good fruit.
- Do not be afraid to unfollow people that do not help you achieve the success you want in your thought life. If you need to, delete them as a Facebook Friend. In severe cases, you may need to block them. I only recommend this if the circumstances are extreme. I have done it 3 times.
- Always be willing to see someone else's perspective, but never forget that there is only one perspective that truly matters.