Friday, August 1, 2014

a declaration of my purpose

My smile is not fake. 

My purpose is genuine. 

My life is real, in person and online. 

My agenda is without an ulterior motive. 

My story is authentic. 

My mission is to be bold, courageous, generous, loving, full of excellence and above board. 

My heart is for God. 

My desire is to stand out, encourage, and support.

My challenge is to fight your negativity, hypocrisy, motives to tear me down and lies you continue to tell me. 

My prayer is that I continue to be inspired to be different! 

I will not quit.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 7

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker [and from Sheri Griffin too] to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 7
#1: The gorgeous Texas Sunrises that I get to experience each day that I get myself up out of bed and to the track early!
#2: The never ending gratitude I have for a successful surgery October 2012 that has totally changed my world!
#3: The days the sun is out and I get a break [or take one anyways] to have some pool time when working from my!

I now choose 3 people of Day 7 to share: Jennifer M Hughlett RoyElizabeth Otis Woods, and Veronica Verdugo Johnson.

Dating Lessons: Eyes, Heart and Mind aligned

In working at getting to know someone, you have to evaluate so many things about the person.  

It doesn't just have to be that they love God, but that is the most important one of all the elements.  It doesn't just have to do with do you feel attracted to them, but that is one element.  It isn't if you have common interests, but that is one element.  It isn't just if you can communicate, though that is one element.  It isn't just if you enjoy being with them, but that this one element.  It isn't just if you have common interests and enjoy doing various things together, though that is one element.

I was reading a blog post about someone discussing the issues that come up with dating and how you can feel like you are a serial dater.  You have to date so many people to find the right one.  To some degree, I can see how the blogger felt like this, but with the extreme screening and questioning I have put these guys through I doubt I will be a serial dater.  

The blog discussed many aspects of what each person faces when they are dating and the challenges that come up.  One thing I feel is that many times what is working for one person doesn't work for another.  Each of us have different personalities, preferences, habits, character traits, experiences, expectations, desires, etc.  To think that it is always going to be the same for each person is undeniable insane because we are so different...yet in some core aspects, we are exactly alike.  Therefore, that being said, there are things that can generally be guidelines  to follow as you engage in this experience.  Because everyone can have a different experience, I find it intriguing to get input and thoughts from various people on all aspects of this process and learn as much as I can.  I will apply what fits for me and make it the most beneficial in this process I am in at this time.

The thing I find missing for most people as you discuss the dating process with them, is that most people are truly afraid to show up and engage 100%.  To be themselves completely so they can experience every aspect of the dating relationship.  How else will you figure it out if you don't show up?  And be authentic?  

Most people go into the relationship believing that it is not going to work.  They go in not trusting instead of having an attitude of trust with the perspective that the person will reflect to you who they truly are.  They will not be able to keep their true character hid, if you are willing to see it, if you are open to observing it, if you are seeking to understand instead of be understood, if you are willing to share, if you are open to communicating the good, bad, pretty, ugly and will know whether this relationship is one that has the ability to be long term.

The blogger discussed a fact that many times we feel we have to give someone a second or third date to know if there is compatibility and chemistry.  Why do we do this?  Why do we think that we can ignore the importance of both of these things?  Yet, to be honest, if we were to step back and remove any fear of making a decision, we would know that this person is not right for us.  We would objectively look at and evaluate the person instead of feeling the need to justify, settle, talk ourselves into something that is less than best.

The blogger quoted a two friends, one who said:  

Why would you date someone you weren't excited about in all ways???

Yah, really why would you?  Good question.  Only I guess if you felt you had to settle or were desperate.  Only if you believed that somehow a relationship with someone was not supposed to excite you on all levels.

Then another friend who said:

Do not settle if your eyes, heart and mind are not one.

This sentence is profound to me.  How many times do we justify and excuse instead of say, it doesn't meet my eyes, my heart and my mind so its not a fit.

As one who was never encouraged to hold out for the very best, but to settle for what "could work" or "met the basic need", I think sometimes we don't believe we are deserving of the very best and the most excellent of all options.  That doesn't mean be picky, please get the point I am trying to make, it means not accepting the first thing that comes your way because it may not be the very best option.  When our eyes, heart and mind are one, we will feel as one and it will be the imperfect perfect fit for us.

I want to remember this statement:  The eyes, heart and mind must be aligned!

The other piece of advice I loved from this blog post was the reminder that we have The Mind of Christ and we can trust our own judgement.  We are capable human beings that are able to make righteous, godly, appropriate decisions through the prayer and leading of the one who loves us more than anyone.  We have nothing to fear.  There will be no mistakes.  We will know the answer.  Be confident in this!

[if you want to read the post I refer to above, click here.]

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 6

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker [and now Sheri Griffin too] to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 6
#1: Being the VIP Winner of an experience with iBloom in August 2014!
#2: The power of coaching, masterminds, and strategic business partners.
#3: The renewed focus to not loose heart, stay connected and spend time pursuing my passion!

I now choose 3 people of Day 6 to share: Kelly Thorne GoreLori Burrell, and Dawn Shafer Wilkerson!


The Burden of the Past is removed through the Forgiveness of God. The Anxiety of the Future is eliminated through the Trust of God. The Opportunity of the Present is seized through the Capacity of God.
- Wes Sargent

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 5

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 5
#1: The chance to write a book to share My Story.
#2: The power of embracing My Story.
#3: The growth this process has brought in my life the last two years.

I now choose 3 people of Day 5 to share: Sheila Harp,Richard Kral, and Keith Long.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 4

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 4
#1: 10 years of Medical Account Solutions being in business [as of June 2014].
#2: The ability to use my skills and bring results to my clients.
#3: The challenges and opportunities that come by being an entrepreneur.

I now choose 3 people of Day 4 to share: Diane CunninghamCoralee Flug, and Andria R Bicknell.


You can tell you're on the road to success; it's uphill all the way.
- Paul Harvey

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 3

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 3
#1: The freedom to worship in so many different "churches".
#2: To love and experience my God outside of a box.
#3: The power of prayer.

I now choose 3 people of Day 3 to share: Sarah RhodenMiki Aaron, andSusan Huddleston.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 2

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same.
Day 2
#1: Beyond blessed to have attended LIVE BIG January 2014 and March 2014 and learned some great tools at breaking through barriers, lies and my past to move forward with creating the life I want.
#2: Had two incredible LiveBIG Accountability Buddies, Brandee Thornton Burt & Debbie Loosle Abbott, that have inspired me, encouraged me, supported me, and challenged me in this growth process.
#3: The 3 incredible coaches I have had this year that have dramatically made an impact in my world, Gerald RogersTony Litster, and Marci Lock!
I now choose 3 people of Day 2 to share: Misty Dean ThompsonAnthony Fowler, and JoDell Davidson.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Positive Challenge Day 1

I was offered a challenge by Sheila Tucker to post three positives for seven days, tagging three friends each day, asking them to do the same. 

Day 1 
#1: Beyond grateful for the loving, supportive, encouraging inner circle of friends I have. 
#2: Thankful for technology that lets me interact with these friends all over the world. 
#3: To remember that our worlds affect each other and the ripple effect of one life into another's is sometime subtle and sometimes substantial.

I now choose 3 people of Day 1 to share: Amanda MoseleyHeather Tarwater, and Elli Troyer.

Dating Lessons: Giver or Taker?

In dating, you will experience various relationships and interactions that will show if this person is a Giver or a Taker.

What kind of a relationship do you want?  What kind of qualities do you feel make the best relationship?  

How much should one be Giving?  How much should one be Taking?

Do you want to invest in someone who isn’t investing in you but taking from you? 

Every relationship takes two people committed to giving more than taking.  Though every relationship is going to have it's moments when one person is taking and the other person is giving, you must figure out what is the pattern.  What is the motive in giving?  What is the motive in taking?  If you don't have a balance and there isn't a heart of wanting to give more than take, you probably are going to have struggles in your relationship which is going to lead to frustrations and difficulties that will affect all aspects of the relationship.  These things will likely lead to a breakdown in the commitment and connection.

You deserve someone who is deserving of you!  Someone who wants to be a Giver in your life!!!  

What qualities do you look for in a Giver?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

a prayer

Dear Heavenly Father and most Holy God, 

I thank you that you chose me - you adopted me. You predestined me to be holy and blameless. Help me to live like an adopted son/daughter in Christ.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dating Lessons: Truth & Honesty

In dating, one of the critical pieces you are trying to figure out is if a person is honest and truthful.  On all subjects.  

We all have had bad experiences.  We all have faced challenges and hard times.  We all have moments we wish didn't exist in our stories.  We all have things that we are ashamed of, regret, want to erase, don't want to remember, wish we didn't have to discuss, etc.

In learning about a person, you need to know if they will be truthful about everything.  If they will be honest about the tough crap.  If they will be open to discussing it.  If they will be authentic about their mistakes and lessons they have learned.  Or if they hide parts of their story.  

These are things that come through a continual open dialogue of discussions on various subjects.  Many times you have to have multiple conversations on certain topics to make sure you get all the facts and are presented the same story each time and that the story doesn't change based on the questions you ask or the details that come up.  

As one who has spent a good portion of my life having to investigate issues and cross examine to find the errors, through auditing and other formats, I have developed some ways to achieve getting the information and answers you need to problem solve.  One way I have approached questioning a dating potential partner is by stating:  Can you remind me when such and such happened?  I have a very good memory, but I want to make sure you tell me the same time frame a second, third, or fourth time.  I believe people can be effective liars and extremely dishonest.  However, if you approach the topic with the attitude that they are telling the truth until proven otherwise, you will be giving them the opportunity to expose themselves. If you approach the topic that they are lying and you don't believe they are telling the truth, they are going to feel this vibe and its going to feed the character trait they have and make them feel backed in a corner.  It won't give them the feeling you want the answer, whether its the truth or not.

Don't hesitate to cross examine or backtrack to find out more information.  But do so in a loving, caring, and learning method, not one of condemnation or in a critical attitude and you are bound to learn exactly what pieces of information you need to know.  You will be giving them an opportunity to prove if they are trustworthy and honest.  Find ways to bring the answers to this out on the table because the truth cannot be hid.

What skills have you developed to learn the truth and honesty about a person?

Monday, July 21, 2014


Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dating Lessons: Talk and Walk

Learning about someone takes time.  

You need to be able to have enough encounters with a person to observe what they say and what they do.  If you only pay attention to one or the other, you will not have a balanced perspective of the person.  By giving time and enough incidents, you will be given a chance to learn about someone and let them share with you from their mouth what their heart is and from their actions what their purpose is.  You will be given the chance to see how their talk and their walk align.  

If there is all talk and no walk, then I would begin to question whether you are falling for the words or the man.

Stay true to what they show you.  Out of the mouth the heart speaks.  Out of the actions the true motive is expressed.

What ways have you found to observe someones talk and walk?

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Nothing clarifies boundaries more than forgiveness…It is much better to receive grace from God, who has something to give, and to forgive those who have no money to pay their debt with. This ends your suffering, because it ends the wish for repayment that is never forthcoming and that makes your heart sick because your hope is deferred. If you do not forgive, you are demanding something your offender does not choose to give, even if it is only confession of what he did. This "ties" him to you and ruins boundaries. Let the dysfunctional family (or friendship) you came from go. Cut it loose, and you will be free.

 - quote from Boundaries by Henry Cloud

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

we choose happiness

Happiness is a choice. 

It's always a choice, and nobody and nothing can take that choice away from us. 

It's not always easy, because sometimes life is hard and offers us tough challenges, and sometimes we have unconscious people in our life that do things that really hurt us... but even in those moments our choice remains.

We choose what we focus on.

We choose what we say to ourselves.

We choose how we act.

In those choices lie all of our power.

Never give that power away by giving someone else responsibility for your happiness.

-  Gerald Rogers

Monday, July 14, 2014

change to dating profile

After a month of getting to know Michael...this is the update that went on my online profile today:

************************************************************* ************************************************************
Currently am getting to know someone and won't be checking this site while spending concentrated effort on dating one guy. Thank YOU for understanding.
************************************************************* ************************************************************