Friday, October 14, 2016

Single with a Purpose

Being single isn't for the faith heart. It is a choice to wait for the person we believe God is bringing to us. It a choice to not give into the hookup culture. It is a choice to continue to believe in Marriage even if we do not have a guy or girl of our own. It is a choice to continue to have faith and trust that God has a plan. It is an opportunity to work on ourselves, trying to be our best each and every day, to work extremely hard, to be diligent in our goals and plans for the future, to not be a victim in our circumstances, to not grow bitter when others seem to have the love of their life and make you feel like a 5th wheel for your single status, it is a choice to remain positive, it is always an option to seek to be an overcomer, to love ourselves through all of it: the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, knowing that we are happy single because we know that being married isn't our identity and shouldn't be our main life goal, but we continue to believe that loving relationships make life even more beautiful and so with that we have hope that someday we will post Facebook statuses like you do that shout to the world who the love of our life is!

[I had to create my own version of what is going around Facebook for Married Couples because at almost 40...well, I got a lot of Single Years Experience!!!]

Monday, October 10, 2016

Prayer 10.10.2016

Today Lord, I pray for those hurting who can't see past their tears, their pain, their discouragement, their grief, their circumstances. I pray for those that desire to see things shift in their life. I pray that they will open their heart up deeper to trust you. To move past the areas of regret, shame, guilt and fear.
To believe. To have hope. To choose positivity over negativity. To believe that it all starts with us making a choice and allowing you to give us power. Knowing we have your power inside of us. Knowing that you give us all the tools to live and do our tasks here. Knowing that we do not have to fight any harder than with your armor.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

be willing to ask questions

Don't be afraid to look deep and ask questions. Asking questions allows us to open up the space to seek and find answers. It allows us to be disciplined to renew our vision and focus on what is important. It allows us to ask others for help. It allows us the option to make choices.
Why did I respond this way?
What do I want for my life?
Who do I want to show up as in this situation?
How can I have gratitude in this moment?
What are my options?
We are not victims. It might feel like it, but we have options as to how we respond, what we choose to do, how much we will trust God, and answer why we do what we do.
Nobody can do this for us. We have to do it ourselves. But we can ask for help by others who have had success. We can seek direction from God more fully as He will give it to us if we just ask. We are not left to do this journey alone!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prayer 08.23.2016

Dear God,
Today, I step out in faith, deeper as I search for answers to questions I have. Deeper as I acknowledge areas I am making mistakes and floundering to carry out what you have asked of me. Deeper as I desire to grow more like you have called me to be.
To be bold.
A heart to learn.
Always seeking truth.
I ask that you help me to see a way around my obstacles. I ask you to help me to create more internal peace in the midst of challenges of being disrespected, dishonored, and abused. Help me to keep pursuing you and not focus on these offenses. Help me to stay the course and continue an upward gaze, fixed on the outcome, not the circumstances. Help me to see how to utilize the strength you have given me to face today, this moment, and nothing else. Help me to see that fear paralyzes me, holds me back, builds walls, creates barriers, makes the challenge 100 times more then what it really is. Help me to not grow weary in this path you have called for me to walk.
Because I love you Jesus.
I pray in your most loving powerful abundant and limitless name, AMEN!
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School Lessons

You may not be going back to school today. You may not have any children to ever experience this like your friends. But you can choose each day to treat life like school. You can choose to be focused on living today because it is a portion of your story, your chapter, and before you know it, another year will be gone. You can choose to embrace the moments of today to learn, to grow, to communicate, to love, to have gratitude, to face your own fears, to live!

Just as these little kids are growing up and do not want Mom to hold their hand as they walk into class because they are too big for that, we sometimes don't think we need Jesus hand to guide us. We want to step out and do it on our own. We want to be strong. We think we have learned our lessons from last year. We think we can handle it.

God doesn't take it personal, He doesn't get upset, He doesn't say I told you so, He doesn't condemn us, He doesn't try to change our mind. He is waiting and ready and listening for us to choose when we want His hand to in ours, when we will allow Him to guide our journey, and He is ALWAYS loving and praying for us.

Will you be the same to those around you? Always allowing them to choose? Always showing love? Always being understanding that you haven't walked in their shoes? Always giving the benefit of the doubt? Always...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer 08.17.2016

Dear God,
I ask you to lead each of us today. To see that when there is chaos showing up either in our heart, our mind, or in our lives that you ask us to look to you, just as Peter did when the waves were creating intense turmoil around him, overwhelming him with doubt and fear. You want us to embrace the chaos and learn how to not fight it but let it strengthen us and give us more courage, hope and love.
It is a process of pruning us at times, which means it will hurt as things are cut off and damaged and removed. It is a process of refining us at times, which means it will grate like sandpaper or be intense heat as it purifies us and makes us smooth and more like you. It is a journey and we should embrace each aspect of it, not just endure it, but be ALIVE in it. Not letting it squelch the love or purpose that you have for us.
Help us to be a reflection of you, to be closer to you, seeking the truth you give. You will shine light on the darkness. You are the hope that leads us out of the dark. The darkness will never overcome the light and we have to believe that even though it may be really really really dark, light remains.
Help us to see we have a choice in all things that come our way. What we think. What we feel. How we respond. How we move forward. How we react, even just internally. Let us see that we are not victims, but overcomers that can live abundantly in freedom. Sometimes this means our prayer never ceases all day long because we need you giving us energy, breath and life as you fill us with you so we can get to the next step.

Friday, August 12, 2016

affirmations ~ 08.11.2016

I love You.
I'm here.
I'm listening.
You are safe.
I'm not going anywhere.

You are not alone.
You are cared for.
You won't be abandoned.
You can trust me.
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

3 Choices

Life gives you choices:
#1—You can let it define you.
#2—You can let it destroy you.
#3—You can let it STRENGTHEN you.

be around people...

God tells us that bad company (family, friends, coworkers, and influences) ruins good morals (values, character, core beliefs).....
Be around people who not only act like they care, but you know they do.
Be around people who ENCOURAGE you.
Be around people who speak LIFE into you.
Be around people who challenge your thoughts and actions.
Be around people who will not just listen to you, but they HEAR you.
Most importantly, be around people who are willing to WALK with you during the hardest times in your life. It's those people who are WORTH holding onto.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today I Will

Today, I will learn to trust solutions rather then be victimized by problems. I will not use problems to prove that I am helpless, picked on, or martyred. I will not point to my problems to prove how awful life is. I will learn to trust the flow of problems and solutions. God, help me solve the problems I can solve today. Help me let go of the rest. Help me believe in my ability to tackle and solve problems. Help me to trust the flow. For each problem, there is a solution. 
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Prayer 08.10.2016

Dear God,
Some days we think it would be better to run. To walk out the door. To say I quit. To tell ourselves the fight isn't worth it.
To embrace the shadow. To forget about exposing the light. To not have any hope. To believe that nobody cares. To tell ourselves that we aren't making any difference. To not focus on the good things.
We get focused on our circumstances. Unable to see that you are working a plan and planning your work in us. If we would only stop and breathe. To feel your love and allow it to motivate us in all our moments.
If only we would be more bold. Have more light. Give more love when we feel we have given all. If only we would live in the abundant life you have given us and not focus on the waves, the enemies, the lies.
We have a choice to choose to believe your truth! Your love! Your purpose for our lives! We have a choice to see you working in ALL the little details! We have a choice to ask you for direction! We have a choice to accept that you always are walking with us! We have a choice to let you into our deepest thoughts, emotions, dreams and visions!
Lord help us today to carry this out to an even deeper level! I want to Lord. I so very much do.

YOU are beloved...

YOU are beloved. I wanted you to know.
Let it soak into your soul. Forget the lies you've heard. Rise above the hurt.
Don't be afraid. Don't let hope fade. Keep your eyes fixed on the light above.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Prayer 08.01.2016

Dear Lord,
Please be with me today. Help me to continue to fight the good fight. To keep my focus on you and not the things around me threatening to tear me down, to discourage me, to build fear and not faith, to thwart my purpose, to create apathy in me. Help me to love those that fight me, whose goal is to suck the life out of me, who don't encourage, support and inspire me to live the abundant life you have given me in freedom! Help me to be different. To choose the path you have for me and not follow the crowd. Help me to believe. Deeper. To believe you have my back. Completely.
Give me the strength to continue to pursue you with all my heart, my soul, my mind, my strength. I love you with every breath of my life!
Thank YOU Jesus for loving me. Being patient with me. In everything. Help me to appreciate you more.
In Jesus Name I pray all these things to be my outlook today. AMEN!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

poem ~ I say

I say Follow Me
you say I can't see the way.

I say Come to Me
you say I can do this my own way.

I say Trust Me
you say I want to believe you.

I say Believe in Me
you say I don't see you.

I say...
if only you could see things from my view.

I say Follow Me
for I will show you the way.

I say Come to Me
to surrender as it's light and easy.

I say Trust Me
for faith is shown when you see no action.

I say Believe in Me
for I've given you abundant life.

I say...
but I give you the choice today.

~ Written By Misty Gilbert
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Sunday, July 3, 2016

poem ~ the truth

You say the facts don't matter
but I promise you they do,
For you see, 1 plus 1 is always 2.
You can hold onto your perspective
or you can openly search for the truth
For asking for honestly is better then adding to hurt.
Truth isn't meant to divide or build walls
no, it is designed to resolve your deep hate
For the core of truth is built only in love.
You can make up your own facts
or you can acknowledge what's actually true
For in this you will find, the truth always is true.
Truth isn't difficult
but truth you must find
For in acceptance of truth, true freedom is divine.
I promise I won't fight, to show you the way
For God gives you a choice
to choose your own way.
You can believe me or disown me
but the truth is still known,
For even if you don't like it, the truth always becomes known.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

when life sets back your writing

I started my personal blog in 2007.  The original plan was for it to be a recap of trips and big events in my life, kind of like an online scrapbook with writings and pictures.  As time went on and I found my voice in putting words on paper, it has developed into me writing more frequently, me writing more and more thoughts, sharing personal things, creating dialogue to inspire you to reflect on your own life and in doing so, I have become more and more vulnerable in sharing you bits and pieces of my life.  This process has been an evolving process and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed as it has grown me tremendously!  I never would have dreamed I was a writer, but it has been an outlet my heart has needed.  

Last year however, when I faced some horrific attacks both personally and in my business, I quit writing as much as I had been.  I didn't have the heart and so I disappeared from my blog.  I felt my time, energy, and focus needed to be working through the situations I was facing of an extreme level in loosing some very close and important friendships to me as I was facing a legal battle with having to sue a client to be paid for services I rendered because they refused to setup a payment plan.  After getting some legal advice, I felt I needed to minimize the exposure I had in order to protect myself.  I felt that I needed to connect with other things and took my writing into a personal journal instead of here online.

Sometimes life does this to us.  It knocks us on off our feet.  It wrecks havoc on the very things that mean lots to us.  It makes us wonder what our mission is.  It makes us frustrated with the circumstances we are experiencing.  It makes us ask God more fervently for direction. It stretches our faith.  It is a purification process.  When we allow this to do it's perfect work, we can see God's hand in our lives to an even greater degree.  When we don't fight the process and are open to being pruned, being cut off from the things that up until this point have given us life, when we are willing to be broken down so that we can be repaired, we can then be healed and grow again.

A lot has transpired and it will be hard to bring you up to speed on all that, and I honestly at this point am not going to even try.  However, I want you to know that I am going to resume my writing and I pray that as I continue to be a part of your life and share a part of my journey with you that you too will be willing to go deeper with God.  That you too will be willing to be vulnerable.  That you too will accept another purification process.  That you too will strengthen your faith.  That you too will let God heal you through whatever pain of life you are experiencing.

God is with you my friend.  Even in the dark, ugly, and horrific mess.  He is with you!  Have FAITH!!!  He is working all things out for your good.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prayer 06.29.2016

Dear Most Gracious Loving Heavenly Father,
Today I am lift up my Facebook Friends to you. The ones struggling to find their way, the ones lost not knowing which direction to look for answers, confused by the outcome of situations, frustrated by the challenges life has brought to them, concerned they can't make it, and feeling overwhelmed in the process.
I ask you to give show them today that you LOVE them. I ask you to bring someone into their path to show them a bit of light to propel them forward. I ask you to show up today in a way that they feel and know it is YOU!
You tell us if we seek you (draw nigh) to you, you will be there for us (you draw nigh to us). You state clearly that we will not be destroyed if they seek you with all our mind, all our heart, all our soul, all our strength. Today, show us how to do that more fervently.
Help each of us not to waste anymore time today pushing off what they can do now. Give us the motivation and strength to do the next best thing. One simple step. One task. One prayer. One hug. One smile. One dollar towards debt. One statement saying I am sorry. One choice that will have a ripple effect. One question to find the truth we are seeking.
May we remember that your presence goes before us and we can choose to walk with you today in everything we say and do. Let us be used for you today to encourage, support and inspire others!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

a fabulous weekend

This has been a fabulous weekend! 

~ Speed Dating Event - this is my 3rd time to do this and no, all 6 of the guys were a "no" which just helps me to become even clearer on what I am looking for in a man to join my life! I love that it is easy to know when there is a fit and when there isn't.

~ Wedding Celebration for a dear friend and reflections during that wedding on his life, what he has accomplished and his impact in mine. He has inspired me to increase my stamina to be able to dance for hours and hours and hours and not be out of breath. Seriously!!! Wow!

~ 2.5 Hour Webinar from someone in my ‪#‎CircleOfInfluence‬ on How To Write Better.

~ Clarity obtained on some things holding me back from being able to ‪#‎CreatTheLifeYouWant‬ and how I will change this. Specifically: I am going to take my vulnerability on my videos up a notch. I set a schedule with my Writing Accountability Partner to meet my blog goals, book goal, and other material I am working on with friends for their online university. Some new goals made for my personal life with regards to my routine, specifically some workouts and my schedule. Postponed starting a Bible Study that I was going to begin this week until August as I have 2 I am already in and I was overstretching myself.

~ A new commitment to write again on my personal blog more frequently (some of you are going to be beyond ecstatic that I am doing this as you have missed me immensely and have wanted me to do this).

~ Some dreaming on some things I want to do with my business and changes I want to implement.

~ Some progress made on my ‪#‎MinimalismGoals‬ in my ‪#‎30DayChallenge‬ to get rid of 465 items! I have made $150.00 so far in this process. I have set a hard core deadline of December 31st, 2016 to complete this project with an outline of what I want to complete each month.

~ Hired a guy to clear my lot to put back on the market to sell.

~ Did yard work in my swimsuit...what can be better then getting a tan and trimming bushes? My mom would die.

~ I will resume ‪#‎DanceLessons‬ in July.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prayer 05.17.2016

I am doing the Fervent Bible Study by Priscilla Schirer with a girlfriend and this week's homework was to create a Prayer for Passion. May you be blessed in writing out your own prayer for passion in your life...
Dear God, Today I thank YOU for your presence in my life. For allowing me to call on you, to come to you, to pray to you, to search for you with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind and with all my strength because I love you and it's my heart to know you! In the ways I lack courage to pursue the abundant life you have given me, I ask you to open my eyes, fuel my heart, guide my feet, strengthen my mind, increase my faith, in my purpose and plan you have for my life. I ask you to ignite a deeper, stronger passion and abundant passion within me. I ask you to continue to help me see my limiting beliefs and strongholds that disempower me and destroy my passion for life. Give me the determination to fight the good fight and focus on the good things, choosing to embrace your grace. I believe and trust in your power to strengthen and refresh my passion for you, and for others and for life with love. May the light of my spirit be seen each and every day in my intentions to be courageous, generous and loving! I pray this in Jesus amazing and most powerful name, AMEN!
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prayer 05.01.2016

Before I call it a night, I am praying for each of you. That if you have had an emotional day like me, you can let it go. You can have peace. You will believe that God is still good. He still is working things out for our good. And he has a purpose. Thoroughly amazing beyond what we could ever ask or think. Believe it friends! Don't let today be your perspective for every day. Choose to embrace the journey and have hope!!! I love you with all my heart.
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

poem ~ new path

I'm on my new path
Without you
It's both freeing
And yet it hurts so deeply it's true.

Not ashamed of my pain
Sometimes it's motivation
To face the crowd and the critics
And show them what real love is.

To avoid my pain
Won't ever allow me to fully heal
For I wanna live differently
With a whole new perspective in grace.

I know what I want
And when I reflect on this fact
I believe your rejection is truly just yet
Another chapter in this courageous journey of my life.

In the days
I'm lost and the pain takes my breathe away
I get to choose to learn and love me more
For these circumstances make me stronger.

It drives me
To search more deeply
For your peace, love and the truth
Yes, I really abundantly know it.

In the root of pain
Through the questions and criticism from others
It is shaping and sculpturing
A more beautiful soul fighting a war in me.

I have you
What more could I want
God you unconditionally just love me
Everyday, in every single way.

You give me a clear view
And with my new confident heart
I continue creating this path for all I want in life
There ain't nothing stopping me!