Monday, April 7, 2014


Know your strengths, grow your strengths, and live in your strengths. Then, search and find the weaknesses that hijack your strengths and relentlessly improve them.
 - Dr. Walid Saade

Sunday, April 6, 2014

blog status

Due to some personal issues at this time, I am taking a break from my blog.  I will be back and will update you on all the missing posts regarding LiveBIG #2 and my trip to Salt Lake City and all the other things that have transpired in my world.  I just need some time with me and God right now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

reality of negative self talk

I posted this today Facebook:

The LiveBIG Mastery Coaching Call was desperately needed for me today. Facing some extreme negative self talk since returning from LiveBIG. Irritated with myself for having this issue. Frustrated that this is my default pattern. The fight for having courage and facing my fears is great!!! Please pray for me! I wanna be courageous, generous and loving.

As the day wore on, I then posted this on Facebook:

LOVE my LiveBIG buddies!!! I so NEEDED you today.

"Misty, you are breath of fresh are are a song. Your past and people don't define you. You are a blessing! Let it spread into your heart. Do you trust God? You have to show it. Let go of your generational crap." - Brandee Thornton Burt

..."you have to hold hands with your shadow self" - Denise Blaylock

"Misty you are a beautiful, confident, inspiring woman!" - Shana Galbraith

"My whole family is inspired by you. Love you girl!!!!!" - Debbie Loosle Abbott

The Rules for Being Amazing

Monday, March 24, 2014


Perfectionism keeps you stuck in the land of "you can't do, be or have enough.
- Kadena Tate

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 25 Video Challenge

Determination is a key to success, it is a key to achieving goals, to have motivation, to achieve excellence.  Today I share my thoughts on Determination in my video challenge.  You can watch it here.

What are you determined to do?  May I encourage you to be determined to be courageous, be generous, be loving, and LiveBIG!

Monday, March 17, 2014


When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Am Poem

I Am
by Misty W Gilbert

I am courageous, generous, and loving
for by knowing who I am
I am empowered to be a powerful creator.

I am not afraid of the truth of my life
for by learning more about me
I am able to discover who God called me to be.

I am going to share my story
for by living down my fears
I am able to be authentic and real.

I am convinced it won't be easy
for the truth to be known
but I will pursue sharing the message God gave me.

I am not worried about the impact
for truth lives in spite of the lies
I am determined to have faith and believe.

I am rewriting my story
for it is my unique life
I am a princess of the One True King.

In this, I will press on and be courageous, be generous and be loving!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

LOVE your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses...

for me, the best thing is LOVING my flaws, my mistakes, and my weaknesses 
because I Am Amazing!!! 
and yes, and YOU are too.......

a {workaholic} nugget from LiveBIG

I recounted my full LiveBIG experience to you.  All my notes.  All my thoughts.  How I took the things I was experiencing during the conference as lessons and challenges and learning tools.  As I continue to work through this information and develop my tools, I want to share with you some of the biggest nuggets I got out of the experience.

As the LiveBIG coaches, Gerald, Tony & Marci, worked with us through their materials, we  also had a Buddy that we worked with.  The buddy was someone we had personal conversation with.  These conversations were times of sharing.  Times of getting to know each other.  Times of asking questions.  Times of answering questions.  Sometimes the questions were easy.  Sometimes the questions were hard.  Sometimes I knew the answers.  Sometimes I didn't.  Sometimes I couldn't even try to find a reason, a clue, an answer.  Sometimes it took reflection to try to find the answers.  Sometimes answers came in ways I didn't anticipate.  Sometimes I had to leave the question unanswered praying that in time I would know the answer.

One of the areas of my focus this year has been to address and work on my Workaholic pattern and create a Work Life Balance.  This was one of those things for me where I have tried to find answers and put pieces of the puzzle together and yet I have struggled to do so.

I love to work.  I love the satisfaction that comes from hard effort.  I love to create.  I love to take chaos and create clarity out of it. I love to create processes.  I love to dig for the details and create a picture that matches the end result that is desired.  I love to make things perfect.  I love to see things come together.  I love to take a mess and organize it.  These are things I love to do and have learned to do well.  

So well that I devote an enormous amount of time to it.  But why?

I have nobody to support me (no family or husband - other than myself) and have felt a drive to get ahead, to achieve, to accomplish, to conquer, to succeed.  This has been one of "my reasons" to be a workaholic.

But is this the only reasons why? 

Is it the "real" reason???

I have been told lots of reasons from others as to why they think I am a workaholic.  I have been told because I have a love of money.  I am not submitting to God's plan for my life.  I am running from something.  I have fear.  I expect perfection.  Because of a lot of reasons people think I am a workaholic, I have been labeled things, many things that I never felt were true.  Not that these reasons can't be true for some people, or that I didn't have my moments when it was used to run from something, but in searching my soul, learning about myself and putting efforts into figuring stuff out as to why I am the way I am, none of these were my core issue that continued the workaholic patterns.

In prayer with God, I have asked him to show me, help me to see the true reasons, to help me figure out the reasons why my work life balance is not where I want it to be and to give me the tools to make the changes.  I have made small changes, but the core issue remained.  I have become frustrated trying to fix the balance I feel is lopsided.  

I work and am drawn to work, a lot.  The industry I am in requires lots of hours.  The government is creating my work to be even more challenging and less fun.  The process of staying on top of all the changes makes it hard to reduce my hours.  The need for balance is even greater as the stress continues to impact the lives of my clients and my own life.

Through the process at the LiveBIG Conference, I got to share one of my main goals, to create work life balance.  I got asked hard questions.  I got to contemplate them.  I got to spend time thinking about more experiences that have created the meaning and definition I have given to me, to work, to play, to life, and to balance.  I uncovered lies that I believe that have created my reaction to why I absolutely love to work.  In analyzing these reactions, I discovered amazing keys to the reason I work so much.  Keys that have unlocked what I have been searching to find for a long time.   

Keys that are going to impact the changes to the work life balance quest I seek to obtain.  Keys that have been missing to help me in this process to unlock what is holding me back from having and living the life I want in service to my God.  Keys that I never dreamed were part of my belief system.  Keys that will be the tools I have been praying for to change me.  Keys that will empower me in a whole new way.

The key has unlocked the door.  But now I must take the time to identify all the lies and replace the the lies with truth so the door can swing completely open.  I must believe the truth so that I can walk through that door.  I must then make the efforts to change the meaning and definition to get past the doorway.  I must then create new experiences as I walk through this doorway into a the hallway, up the stairs, that will lead to another room, through another doorway into the unknown of my palace.

I am excited about this process of learning and growing.  Though its hard and though its taking deep dark work, even though there are days I get discouraged in the process, the results are phenomenal.  

Once again I am reminded that we each have choices.  That we each have the power to choose.  That when we truly seek God with our whole heart, He will provide answers.  He will give you the tools.  He will give you the power to be who He created you to be, if you want to be.  But you have to want to do the deep dark work.  You have to be willing to face your fears.  You have to be willing to ask the hard questions.  You have to be willing to discover the answers.  You have to be willing to implement the changes.

Be Courageous.  Be Generous.  Be Loving.  Choose to LiveBIG!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

my siblings in 1988

1988  LtoR:
Mindy, Terry aka Buddy (back in the day), & Misty

Wow!!! A blast from the past!
A friend shared this photo on Facebook...I don't have too many photos of the three of us!
Look at that face (my face)...LOL
...I remember these days.  They were not happy days.