Wednesday, June 28, 2017

poem ~ the fire

My eyes look into the fire
I see it change different color hues,
From yellow orange and purple blue
it's burning deep inside of you,
How can something burn so deep 
and yet it's hard to escape the heat?

When you feel the fire burn within
and wonder if it will ever end,
It burns down deep into your soul
the yearning strong to gain control,
How can it comfort you
and at the same time burn all the way through?

The warmth it brings into your heart
makes life feel it's a brand new start,
Yet at the same time it is true
if I get to close it'll burn right thru,
How can I want this so very bad 
when I see the fire raging mad?

The conflict that I see 
burns very deep inside of me, 
The grip it has on my life
feels oh so close to paradise,
And as I get lost in its grasp 
I wonder just how long it will last?

Then all of sudden just like that 
the fire burns out with a zap, 
I am left out in the cold 
to wonder what is left untold,
How can I ever know the truth
and discover warmth that lasts like truth?

Please don't make me feel this way 
for wanting to know this in my soul,
It's something that I just can't help
as I long to discover the burning under cover,
How can I keep this to myself
when life is more then what's at risk? 

I know you felt it just like me 
these feelings that burn inside of thee,
Don't let the fire burn within
because I promise you there's more of them,
How can I not be thankful then
for the warmth that comes from the fire within?

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

poem ~ God's Plan

What if the plan
was a map through it all, 
That had hills and valleys
with numerous walls? 

What if the plan
didn't know the weather you'd have,
Or how many sunburns
you get on the trail ahead?

What if the plan
was to create conflict for you,
So you'd see what happens
when in the battle you stay true?

What if the plan 
wasn't hard at all, 
It only required 
that you stay open to the call?

What if the plan 
wasn't an outline of events,
But allowed you to make choices
in and through all of it?

What if the plan
just required your faith,
And nothing else was given
in exchange for love and grace?

What if the plan
was to allow you and me,
Just to intentionally live
in freedom and ease?

What if the plan
wasn't what religion said,
In what God has for you
that's now stuck in your head?

What if the plan
is really so much more,
Of Jesus and His Love
then the things you keep looking for?

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 
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Monday, June 26, 2017

poem ~ today

Quote: Your legacy is every life you've touched. 

As you sort out
who you wanna be,
I pray that you won't forget
what's most important to thee.

As you create a dream,
I pray that you will remember 
the peeps that helped 
you to reach it here.

As you deal 
with rejection again so fresh,
May your heart feel the truth in
the moments of connectedness. 

As you walk with me,
I pray you'll be encouraged again,
Because I count you
as one of my Friends. 

As you journey through,
I pray that you'll love,
And be a ripple effect 
in every single thing you do.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Today #YourLifeMatters #YourLegacy #YouGetWhatYouFocusOn #Vision #Goals #ThePowerOfChoice #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #RippleEffect

Watch this Video to be inspired in your legacy!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

poem ~ what if

What if we realized 
in order for something new to be birthed,
We have to go through pain 
for it to be born?

What if we realized 
to have something better,
We have to let go 
of what the past revealed?

What if we realized 
that the promise of more,
Was never the benefit
of keeping score?

What if we realized 
to fully allow life to be,
We can't let our eyes 
expect it to be something differently?

What if we realized
that feeding our doubts,
Only holds us back from being the 
beast we were created to be?

What if we realized 
in this cycle of life,
That the volatile state
is the beauty we get to create?

What if we realized 
the power we have,
Because we've been given the keys
from the creator of eternity? 

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Reflections #WhatIf #ThePowerOfChoice #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

poem ~ the box of fear

You stand in the hallway 
with your face right by the door,
Considering your options 
scared to make the step forward to more. 

You glance around whose next to you 
and think you cannot see,
Any good reason to leave 
all that's familiar to thee.

You retreat back into the hall
and feel the darkness invade,
The comforts of these walls 
is a security that you've made.

You're scared to let your feelings show
in this decision that you've made,
Even when the outside world is there
to release you from the cave.

You question how others do it
to move beyond their fears, 
And long to know what life's about 
instead of staying hidden in here.

You see a beam of light
coming from the other side,
And you contemplate the strength it gives
and feel a bit of renewed hope to live.

Your heart is crying out for more 
to remove the shadows of your fears,
But the chains that keep you here
seem more difficult to clear.

You wonder what it will take
for you to move beyond the fears you think,
Yet the comfort zones you know
keep you stuck in this box alone.

Your fear is suffocating you
from living life at all,
Because your scared to make a change
will hurt more than these walls.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #TheBoxOfFear #Fear #LiveDownYourFears #ThePowerOfChoice #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

poem ~ eyes into your soul

Your eyes are a fountain 
that go to the depths of your soul,
It's wonder of expansion
as you let it bubble up and explode.

Your eyes show the world
how you feel deep within,
And what matters most
in the heart underneath your skin.

Your eyes only reveal 
the walls hidden there,
When you turn away from the gaze
of someone who really cares.

Your eyes are the depths of blue
that penetrate the sea, 
Desperate for the kind of love,
that enables you to be free.

Your eyes are the doorway
to the gate around your soul,
The choice to let me in
is one in your complete control. 

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #YourEyes #EyesIntoYourSoul #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

poem ~ new beginnings

When you're going through a Chapter
of life transformation to new views,
The pruning that is happening
can hurt beyond what you feel is useful for you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of evaluating life at the core,
Sometimes it feels so volatile 
and a roller coaster ride for sure.

When you're going through a Chapter
of re-evaluating what's at stake,
The meaning of life becomes more precious
every day in the picture images that you make.

When you're going through a Chapter
of refining what's important to you, 
The superfluous frivolousness
hits every raw nerve running through you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of living life intentionally, 
The fact that your circumstances will change
means things simply can't stay the same.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of confusion in your head,
Sometimes you have to cut it all
to clear the slate and begin again.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of making sure to hear the still small voice,
Sometimes you'll second guess yourself 
for fear you'll miss the right choice.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of tearing lies apart,
It can take everything you've got
to search in the most secret of spots.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of wanting to live from a heart of love,
You may be burned on this quest to give it
for not everyone knows what love does.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of figuring out what's really true,
You may find more direction 
when you listen to what's going on inside of you.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of facing all your deepest fears,
In staying complacent in Friendships
that you've had for many years. 

When you're going through a Chapter 
of finding freedom from approval of men,
It is hard to understand how the ones you love
can bring more damage than connectedness in the end.

When you're going through a Chapter 
of facing the challenges around you,
Know that the giver of life
is walking right here with you.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #NewBeginnings #BeCouragous #BeGenerous #BeLoving #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

Saturday, June 24, 2017

poem ~ your eyes

I look into your eyes 
and I see a wave of tears,
From the beauty of this moment
as you try to grasp the reflection in the mirror.

I look into your eyes
and see the puddles there so full,
As this moment threatens to show
the pain from all the years out of your control. 

I look into your eyes
and try to read the message that lies there, 
Not knowing if you want me to guess 
or if there is conflict in what you want to share.

I look into your eyes 
content to gaze so deep,
I see the unseen words
that need a heart to reach them for keeps.

I look into your eyes
and feel I understand, 
The voice that longs to share
the experiences that you've always had.

I look into your eyes
and see a longing there,
For unconditional love
and acceptance everywhere. 

I look into your eyes 
acknowledging the beauty that resides,
And the courage that it takes
to give life another try.

I look into your eyes 
and feel I know you so well,
For my soul connects to you
and the life inside your gorgeous pupil.

I look into your eyes
and wish I could stay there,
For the strength I get from the glance
stays with me beyond this moment so rare.

I look inside your eyes
and feel the energy run deep,
For in the life they expel
it makes my day feel complete.

I look inside your eyes
and know with all my soul,
My heart longs to know you better
and to bring healing to the pain you've known.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #LookInside #YourEyes #YourLifeMatters #DepthsOfYourSoul #HeartPioneers #LetMeSeeYou #OpenTheHeart #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally

poem ~ what made you?

What made you decide
to write poems each day,
And share the deep things
riding your heart beat waves?

What made you feel
that the gift you seek,
Comes from the words
you intentionally bleed?

What made you live
so vulnerably,
And share your heart

What made you cry
in desperate straights,
To create the life
you desired to make?

What made you brave
in spite of it all,
To live this life
when you've been abused so raw?

What made you think
the way you do,
Committed to live
fully in freedom anew?

What made you be
an amazing Friend,
One who will fight
through the journeys end?

What made you touch
my soul so deep,
With the words you write
to expand my reach?

What made you see
the poem in you,
And share it for
the world to view?

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #ShareYourHeart #BeYOU #BeAnOriginal #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #HeartPioneers #HeartWideOpen

poem ~ Friends

As a child I wasn't
allowed to have any Friends,
My mom believed
I could survive without them.

She believed to have
someone really close,
Meant I was being discriminating
and being cliches to pair up with those.

She believed that I should be
loving to everyone,
But not to the point
that I had favorite ones.

She had me write letters
to several each week,
Asking me to encourage them
and be the Friend I wanted to me.

If I wanted to call them
and talk on the phone,
I had to spend my own $2.50 monthly allowance
for a connection to be known.

Return letters to me
were quite very rare,
And return phone calls
happened never at all.

I've always wanted
to have lots of Friends,
But when the relationship isn't returned
it's been really hard to see them as a Friend.

I've never wanted
to be partial at all,
So I've accepted every Friend request
that I've received on my wall.

I don't hang with the same friends
each and every week,
I continue to rotate
spending time with each.

I've come to see this
as a blessing in my life,
Because of the number of Friends
I have by my side.

Yet I've also come to see
this as a weakness to me,
Because what I really want
hasn't come true in creating these.

So in this new Chapter I walk
I realize again,
Some things from the past
have to be abolished and end.

It's been scary and hard
to look at the truth,
That not every one wants
a real connection with you.

Some want to pretend
to care down deep,
Yet others just want
to be an enemy on the sneak.

Cutting out people
who don't want to be there,
Shouldn't hurt me so bad
but it honestly makes me very sad.

I will continue to pursue
the relationships that begin,
With a connection and authenticity
on every level of Friends.

I have been working on me
and fighting the conflict again,
To keep every connection regardless of the status
or how close we have or haven't been.

I've been reflecting on what
a real Friend looks like,
And how to create thriving ones
that want to be real with me.

For a new beginning to come
some things have to end,
So with love and and hug
I wish you well my Friend.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

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Friday, June 23, 2017

poem ~ thank YOU

I want to say Thank YOU
to each of My Tribe,
For letting me be vulnerable 
with everything going on inside.

I want to say Thank YOU
to my fabulous Coach,
For inspiring me to be
the authentic genius that is deep inside of me.

I want to say Thank YOU
to all my Yogi Peeps,
For giving me hugs
and little plants to cheer me.

I want to say Thank YOU
to my adopted bro,
For calling and praying with me
when I was really down low.

I want to say Thank YOU 
to my special Girlfriends,
Who call just to talk
and listen to my experiences. 

I want to say Thank YOU
to my Cohort Group,
For giving me the chance
to share with you my deep hurts.

I want to say Thank YOU 
to each of my Clients 
The challenges that you bring me
help me to develop to be who I want to be.

I want to say Thank YOU 
to God today,
For letting me see once again
this Chapter needs to come to an end.

I want to say Thank YOU 
for the courage that it takes,
To be an entrepreneur 
when everything is at stake.

I want to say Thank YOU 
for getting another day,
To try and do it better 
than the previous one I played.

I want to say Thank YOU 
because I feel in this life,
That the benefit of our pain 
helps us to live a purpose driven life.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice  #ThankYou #Thankfulness #ThankfulHeart #Gratitude #HeartOfLove #HeartPioneers

Thursday, June 22, 2017

poem ~ Girls Weekend

I've got the room ready
for you to come and stay,
I'm glad you feel comfortable 
to come hang with me for a few days.

It seems forever 
since it was just you and me,
As most of the time
you've got all the kiddos with thee.

We're gonna have a blast
as we spend time catching up,
Eating and laughing
and crying through the tough stuff.

I promise I won't hog you
each and every day,
As I know you've got a wedding
and other Friends to see on your stay.

But I'm anxious to see you
and catch up again,
Because it's been a week from hell 
and I'd like it to end.

I love all my Friends 
and don't get enough time with them,
So thanks for making me a stop
on this trip back to Texas Girlfriend. 

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice  #GuestRoomIsReady #GirlsWeekend #CircleOfFriends #MakeLifeFUN

poem ~ life is hard

The ride is volatile 
and sometimes 
you honestly don't know 
how you're gonna make it through. 

The road is long
and sometimes 
you feel like you'll never arrive 
to where you're going to. 

The journey is tough
and sometimes 
you wonder if you have the strength 
to continue to take it all in stride.

The day is long
and sometimes 
you just donn't wanna live it
because pain is all it ever gives to you.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #LifeIsHard #RealLifeExamples

poem ~ what if

What if you said
all the words you wanna say?

What if you felt 
all the feelings you keep shoving away?

What if you asked
all the questions you think?

What if you voiced
all the doubts in your head?

What if you admitted
all the hurts that have ripped your heart?

What if you expressed 
all the desires that fill your heart?

What if you listened to
all the dreams calling you?

What if you embraced
all of your life that's happened to you?

What if you told
all the secrets you won't share?

What if you took a risk on
all the risks that you've skipped?

What if you entertained 
all the stirrings you won't trust?

What if you didn't keep hidden
all the parts you won’t reveal to us?

What if you weren't 
all afraid to be you?

What if you didn't deny
all the power in you?

What if you believed 
all the truth fully about you?

What if you loved yourself 
all the way others do you?

What if you could see 
all the beauty you are internally? 

Inspired by a blog post by Jim Palmer.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #WhatIf #ThePowerOfChoice #AskQuestions #BeYOU #BeAnOriginal #RemoveTheMask

poem ~ single with a purpose

You ask if I'm single,
what's it to you?
Please won't you just get to know me
for who I am,
Without trying to make
some ulterior plan?

I get I'm attractive
with absolutely beautiful blue eyes too,
But life consists more of
what's on the inside
Then what your viewing
from me on the outside.

If you spent more time
asking questions from your soul
Maybe you'd know more
about life
And how all these things
make a relationship come alive.

Perhaps if you spent
more time seeking and not trying to get
But to appreciate
the opportunity next to you
Then maybe you'd see
why I am single and what's made me become me.

If you considered it fully
then maybe you would see
That life isn't achieved
by your marital status instantly
And perhaps you'd live each day
much more intentionally.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #TheLifeOfMisty #SingleWithAPurpose #TheMeaningOfLife #EmbraceTheJourney

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

poem ~ today

I don't wanna be a grown up
and do what everyone says I must do
to live a life that is successful
and work from 9 to 5 too.

I am openly admitting
I just don't wanna work
I'd rather just write poems
and do Yoga to workout my body's twerks.

I'd like to just sit
and stare at the pool
for the water is calming
when everything's swirling in my view.

I embrace this new chapter
even if its just a short phase
and accept sleeping in
when I normally would get out of bed most days.

as I internally wrestle
with these thought in my soul
I can honestly tell you
it's a lot harder then it is cool.

I again decided
that I don't want to live someone else's dream
even if it has an allure
or an expectation of fulfillment it seems.

it feels really strange for me to just say
that all this feels a bit abnormal
and I hardly know what to do
when I feel this way.

I will listen
to what's going on in my heart
for when you feel a disconnect
this is the place you must start.

I will just acknowledge 
internally how I feel
and let the frustration simmer
so that I don't let my life pass in a glimmer.

I declare
that I want to enjoy the work that I do
and not just because it was something 
that I was trained to do.

I want to do more work
of the things I really want to do
and not just because 
it would be considered grown up like you.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #Today #LifeIsAGift #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #EmbraceTheJourney #WorkThatMatters #YourLifeMatters #WorkWithAPassion

poem ~ what if I showed you

What if I showed you
a bit of my soul,
Would you run from me then
or stay connected as is told?

What if I showed you
the deepest part of me,
Would you be loving
understanding I want you to want me?

What if I showed you
everything I've been through, 
Not as a contest
but so you knew what I knew?

What if I showed you
the real part of me,
Not what everyone says 
for me to show you instead?

What if I showed you
the guts that it takes,
To stand out in the crowd 
when everyone's trying to shoot you back down?

What if I showed you
the courage that's at stake,
That you can just live your life 
without fear of mistakes?

What if I showed you
how to live completely free,
And not stay stuck in
the boxes around you and me?

What if I showed you
that we all have fears,
But it's a choice to expel them
or show them a mirror? 

What if I showed you 
how to breathe into the moment,
And not shut down in tension
that confines you in your aloneness?

What if I showed you
that I love you for you,
And quit acting like
you must change for it to be true?

What if I showed you
there is so much more,
To a life lived in this moment
where nothing else means more? 

What if I showed you
how to love you,
Because this is the greatest thing
you could ever do?

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #TheLifeOfMisty #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #ThePowerOfChoice

poem ~ the wonder

I wonder what it would take
for me to be free,
From everyone's rules
about who I should be.

I wonder what makes it seem
that I have to stay so stuck,
In the expectations of
what all of this means.

I wonder how I can shift
from staying in this box,
To living more in alignment
of what I am and not what I'm not.

I wonder what it would be
to live connected to me,
Instead of spending so much time
worried about connecting to thee.

I wonder how to face
loving myself with more grace,
Beyond just the words
in activity of everything I face.

I wonder what provokes
me to shut down somehow,
When this is the desire
of all of us right now.

I wonder if everyone
did more of this,
How much we would engage
and be happy in the life that is.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #BeYOU #BeBrave #BeCouragous #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionallyInFreedom

poem ~ God's Plan

What if the plan 
isn't how to get you 
from here to there,
What if the plan
is he'll be with you
until the end?

What if the plan
isn't one way 
or else,
What if the plan
is to see 
His hand?

What if the plan 
isn't to make 
a perfect life,
What if the plan 
is to strengthen you 
through its vice?

What if the plan
isn't to live
every moment in fear,
What if the plan
is to come 
to freedom this year? 

What if the plan
isn't to never
make a mistake,
What if the plan
is to see 
grace to take?

What if the plan
isn't how 
just to cope, 
What if the plan 
is to have
the same power to hope?

What if the plan 
isn't to have no events 
that make me sad,
What if the plan
is to believe 
I'm not bad?

What if the plan
isn't to
not have a challenge, 
What if the plan 
is to give 
you control of it?

What if the plan 
isn't to make 
you to sit and wait,
What if the plan
requires your
action to expand?

What if the plan 
isn't to feel
regrets in the field, 
What if the plan
is the same
for every man?

What if the plan 
isn't rigid in each choice 
that you make,
What if the plan 
is to choose the path 
that's best for you to take? 

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #GodsPlan #GodIsWithMe #Faith #Courage #Hope #Love #WhatIf #WhatIsLove

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

poem ~ fear of letting go

Today I step forward 
and face more of my fears,
That are holding me back
from living my best years. 

Life isn't meant to feel 
you can't make a mistake,
No God never asked me 
to be perfect in each step that I take.

The judgements of others
keep me stuck in these walls,
Desiring to be made free
of what everyone is expecting of me.

In acceptance of this level 
of more letting go,
I cut my hair shorter
to help me release control.

To fight all the statements
that everyone makes,
About what is right or is wrong
in each path that I take.

It's time to look deeper
at what it means to be a Friend,
And only keep those
whose vision aligns with this trend.

It seems weird to say it
and yet it is true,
I'm going to unfriend many
who don't wanna be true.

True to the connection
of what a relationship means,
True to the desire 
to love beyond everything. 

True to the need
to continually be fake,
True to the realization 
of an honest mistake. 

True to the foundation 
and God given plan,
To live from the heart
without fear of man.

True to the belief
that I can control, 
The life that I live
in and out of this mold.

True to the feeling
that I've been made for more,
That I am beautiful 
down deep in my soul.

True to the triggers
that live forever within,
From years of abuse
from religions boxes.

True to the desire 
I've got everything to give,
True to the realization 
I've got nothing to loose.

True to the standards 
that I set for me,
True to the notion
I don't have to please thee.

True to the feeling 
deep in my heart,
That the still small voice
will always leave it's mark.

True to what matters 
most to me now,
True to the fact
I've got to let go somehow. 

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice  #TheLifeOfMisty #NewBeginnings #EmbraceTheJourney #NewChapter #Transformation #BeYOU #NoFilterEver #ThisIsMe