Wednesday, May 10, 2017

poem ~ you have no idea

I am reminded
yet again
that we have no idea
what most people are facing
day in day
and day out
as they walk these trials out.

Some days it feels like
everyone is full of secrets
with something
they are needing to say
that's been hidden or tucked away
almost forgotten
but screaming out for attention the most.

I wonder
and have thought
what would it be like
if we let everyone talk
about what is going on in their life
totally a lot.

What would change
instead of having
preconceived ideas
we spent more of our time
trying to see what they see
and feel how they feel?

If we stopped and considered
how they do it all
sometimes barely standing
other times trying to hold it together
by a thread
trying to decide what to do
or simply how to just get through.

Does anyone ever notice
those that are dying inside
all because
someone snapped at them
or glared their eyes
maybe was just plain mean
and all they need is you for a Friend.

And I wondered
how many times
I have mistaken
someone’s suffering
for an aloof attitude
and for being unfriendly
when they're just trying to see clearly.

We do not know
the secret sorrows
of those around us
or why someone
is in a funk
but what if we just loved them
thru their junk?

So perhaps
we could all
practice a little
or maybe a lot more
as they process through
something that's hard to do.

What if we just had
a bit more perspective
that maybe they just don't
know what to do
and could we possibly give
a bit more patience
understanding and curiosity there?

Maybe I just have no clue
so it would be best
to not make up a story
remember our shared humanity
and put on some humility
and simply be
the person I would need for me.

Above all
it's best
to just remember
that love is what matters
most to me
to you
does to everyone else too.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ you choose

You say you want to be loved
but what are you doing to attract it?

You say you want to feel special 
but what are you doing to make life special for others?

You say you want to have peace 
but what are you doing to create peace?

You say you want to enjoy your life
but what are you doing to create happiness in the current state of your life?

You say you want to live in freedom 
but what are you doing to release your chains?

You say you want to have financial ease
but what are you doing to bring that about?

You say you want to be positive 
but what are you doing to create a positive atmosphere? 

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #YourLifeMatters #YouChoose #YouGetWhatYouFocusOn