Thursday, July 6, 2017

poem ~ At The Beach House

To the Beach House I'll go
to the Beach House I'll stay,
To the Beach House I want to live
day after day.

At the Beach House you'll find
it's one of a kind,
The moment surreal
to this heart of mine.

At the beach House it is
where you connect with your soul,
For it's what makes you come alive
when everything else takes control.

At the Beach House I unplug 
like no other way around, 
From this life that everyone lives
back there in town.

At the Beach House life is simple 
each and every day,
Living for the moment
not worried about yesterday. 

At the Beach House nothing matters
but sand water food and sleep,
For everything else will wait
until it's time to leave this retreat.

At the Beach House you can find me
when it's vacation time,
For a beach bum life 
is one of my 2017 Goals this time.

© Misty W Gilbert
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