Monday, February 20, 2017

is life full of coincidences?

There are no "coincidences". God puts things in your path at the right time.

I honestly didn't believe this until the last few years of my transformation journey, as I learned through my own deeply personal experiences how God works, behind the scenes, out in front of you clearing the path, leading the way, guiding you forward, and always for a purpose.

I believe some of these situations are tests to see if you will apply your learning, keep your word, stay focused. I believe some of them are storms to shake you up to the core, to see if you will let it increase your faith or drown you in doubt. I believe some of them are meant to help you see the fruit of your labors and the results of being disciplined. I believe some of them help you to get a clearer picture about yourself, the vision for your life. I believe some of them help you see your purpose, your calling, your reason for being right here, right now. I believe some of these things happen to increase our faith, kinda like giving us chill bumps all over, for things we know intuitively we couldn't orchestrate if we tried. I believe that when we are in tune to this energy, very connectedly aware, we get so much more from this abundant life!

When we open our eyes and are willing to "see" beyond the circumstances, we will learn so much more from this journey.

Will you take off your sunglasses? Will you widen your eyes? 

Will you expectantly face the day looking for these divine moments? 

Will you quit looking in other directions? Will you be aware? 

Will you choose faith? 

Will you press on?
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