Thursday, March 23, 2017

poem ~ my heart

You took my heart
and squeezed it too
Until it was all
black and blue.

You didn't think
I'd feel it bleed
You poked so hard
but there was no need.

The knife blade deep
into the wall
The pain so strong
911 you must call.

The heart ripped open
bleeding everywhere 
You act as if
you couldn't care.

If you only knew
what you held in your grasp
Could have been protected
instead of thrown in the trash.

Surgery done 
to make it new
To bring the strength
and the beat back true.

The heart is tender
and easily won
Yet it takes one wound
for it to become undone.

Yet I wonder if
in the midst of moans
If we would feel 
the resilient undertones.

The heart is made
to live for hope
To find its strength
as you cling to the rope.

Don't let someone
who crushed it deep
Make you forget
the benefits to keep.

Life can be hard
the impact brutal
Your intentional choices 
completely crucial.

Stay true to you
each day you draw
Breath into your heart
don't keep it raw.

The choice is yours
what will you do
To live connected
to the inner you.

Feed it with love
and forgive always
For this is key to life
to build the best of days.

© Misty W Gilbert
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