Saturday, January 21, 2017

you must be willing...

I frequently get told: I wish I could share my thoughts like you do. I wish I could be as vulnerable as you are. I wish I understood life like you do. I wish I could see things from a different perspective. I wish I could work through my pain. I wish I could have the transformation in your life you have had. I wish I could be positive. I just don't have your strength.
You can!!! I haven't done anything you can't do.
You first have to one, be willing to. If you aren't really willing to do the work to share your life, be vulnerable, learn from others and apply the principals to your own life, change your perspective or at least be willing to look at different perspectives, work through all of your pain - layer by layer, to create transformation, to be positive, to gain strength, you won't. There is nobody that can do it for you. Even God requires you to want to change, He won't force you. The first step is a decision that you will. You will stay the course. You will be determined. You will keep your commitments.
You secondly, have to face your fears. Then you must be willing to work through the fears that come from deciding to be you, to share your thoughts, to be vulnerable, to live your own life, to see different perspectives, to work through pain, to create transformation, to be positive, to find strength. This will not be a one time occurrence. Facing your fears, for me, I find goes through cycles. Some things you choose will have a domino effect on other choices. Some choices are easy small fears. Some shake you to the very core. Some days, facing your fears is a minute my minute task and will challenge your entire being. Once you work through one level of a fear, you will be taken to new levels that reveal your deeper fears. Fears at the core of your being. Fears that you may be afraid to see. You again will be faced with a decision and choice to be courageous and work through them or stay a victim, stagnate, to retreat or hide. The only way through fears is to face them. The only way to break up the energy of fear is to expose it. The only way to resolve fears is to acknowledge them and not feed them.
Your determination and commitments will be tested. Both in the will to do this and the doing of it. It isn't a one time commitment and then it is over. You will have to keep the vision in front of you, you will have to create affirmations to fight the lies and threats to tear you down, you will have to remind yourself why you have made these choices, and you will have to feel the pain in choosing these things to get to what it is you really want.
You will threaten people who want what you have but refuse to do the work. You will receive blame from people who do not want to take accountability for their choices. You will be taken as too strong, too independent, too opinionated, too fearless, too authentic, too vulnerable, too intentional. You will be told you have changed too much. You will be accused of many things. Your response shows your motives for the reason you are seeking change in yourself. Ultimately, this is a result of those wanting to keep you in a box and not willing to see you expand. This is a result of those who are afraid to live their own life. This is a result of people ignoring their feelings and shutting down to the power God gave them. This is a result of creating a ripple effect around you.
It all starts with you! Remember: What you focus on is what get's attention. What you focus on expands. What you resist consists.
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