Friday, May 12, 2017

poem ~ harbor

We harbor
the past in our heart,
Like it is better
then the present start.

We harbor
the hurts that've been done to us,
Like it's better
then openly choosing full forgiveness.

We harbor
every record of wrong,
Like it's gonna help us
write the lyrics to a song.

We harbor
all the memories of painful things,
Like there is a benefit
to continually remembering these vivid dreams.

We harbor
every secret thing we've ever wanted,
Like they're better then
the things we been blessed with in the moment.

We harbor
holding onto regret,
Like it brings more for us
then hitting the fresh reset.

We harbor
feelings so deep,
Like we're afraid of what happens
when vulnerability we keep.

We harbor
a desire for love,
Like to find it
would be more scary than embracing it.

We harbor
the option and choice,
Like to live in fear, shame, guilt, and regret
is better than the abundant life course.

We harbor
things in our hearts,
Like we don't have the control over it
in every part.

We harbor
the power it seems,
Like to make the choice
to do incredible things.

We harbor
the gift of life in so many ways,
Like we get the chance
each and every day.

We harbor
so many deep things,
Like I wonder what it would take
for us to really live the life of our dreams?

© Misty W Gilbert

Photo By: @mistywgilbert taken in San Luis Obispo, California April 2017

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