Friday, July 7, 2017

poem ~ the gut wrenching process

I am sure you feel it
just as I do,
When your heart is breaking
and you haven't a clue.

The pain rips it to pieces
leaving it all black and blue,
Showing you clearly
you've got more work to do.

What would it be like 
to live without such pain,
I continually ask myself
knowing the question is in vain.

I sit here and reflect
on the stirrings in my soul,
Knowing another layer of transformation
is in the process for me to grow.

I look out at the water
that stretches out till it meets the sky,
And with it it takes
all my questions why.

The strength that it gives me
as I sit here and reflect,
Helps me to release
all the things I want to forget.

As the water moves on
rippling along at a clip,
I feel it taking away
that pain buried inside of me.

Maybe its really not
how could I ever know,
But I'm gonna pretend
and make it so.

It could be its really
just soothing my heart,
And giving it love
down deep in the ugly parts.

Today I will love me
and not expect me to be,
Further along in my journey
unraveling the pain inside of me.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ the pain

You're doing a work 
down deep in my soul,
Right now it is hurting
beyond my control.

Coaching is awesome 
and can be a bunch of fun, 
And other times it just makes you
feel like the best thing to do is run.

In order to change 
and bring about something new,
I've got to be willing 
to see it from a different view.

I've got to address 
the stuff deep in my heart,
That feels better left in
every bit of the dark.

It's causing me to doubt
the plan you have for me,
When I feel an upheaval
shaking the very root of who I be.

I've been here before
and I'm sure I'll be here again,
But in the meantime my soul 
is bleeding out of control.

What's causing it to hurt
so undoubtedly so,
As I try to figure out 
the path out of this hole.

Why do the answers 
have to be so far away,
When I'm wanting the help
to fix this today.

Give me the strength 
Lord I ask yet again,
Because I don't feel I can do this
with all these thoughts in my head.

How can someone see clearly
the things I want to see,
When I'm desperately trying 
to be the best I can be.

I promise to face
every bit of the pain, 
For healing will come
in the midst of the rain.

Help me to not lose heart
and to give up and quit,
For there is purpose 
absolutely in all of it.

It's refining me through the fire
and purifying me as gold,
And the pressure is intense
as it sets to unfold.

I don't want to be 
partially beautiful in the end,
So I have to stay focused 
on embracing the pain within.

© Misty W Gilbert
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