Saturday, October 29, 2016

movie review ~ Priceless

I am a huge fan of the Band For King and Country.  So when I learned they were producing a movie about how each of us are Priceless and Worthy, I was anxious to see it. And so when I was tagged in an activity for the Gateway Church Singles for some Friday Night Fun, I said "I'm in".

I hadn't watched the Priceless Movie Trailer.  I had only read articles about the basics of the film.  I promise you, if I had seen the details in the few minutes of a clip of it, I wouldn't have gone.  If I had known the full plot, I wouldn't have gone.  But I didn't do my research. I trusted that this was something encouraging to see.

Before I launch in further, please know that this post is MY OPINION of the 60 minutes I saw of the film.  Because yes, I walked out!  This post isn't meant to discourage you from seeing it if you want to, but I am going to tell you that it is raw, horrific and tragic, and though I am told it has a redemptive ending, from the pieces I saw and the remaining I was told about, I do not believe it creates the result of something that I want in my life.  So, if you asked me if I would recommend you see it, the answer is not just no, but hell no!!!

I know that I probably stayed longer then I would have if I had gone by myself because I was with Friends.  And I was hoping the film would get better because I know it takes time to create a plot and build a story line.  But when it got to the scene of the Man and the Girl sitting on the bed and he started his controlling behaviors, creating mind games with her, twisting the meaning of what love is and telling her she didn't have a choice in this and he was going to have her.  I was more then done.  

She had a voice and told him that this wasn't love.  He said that it was up to her to decide what she believed Love was.  That's the line that drew it in the sand for me.

I was like, yes, heck yes, I get to decide what love is!  I get to decide what is good for me.  And this isn't love and this isn't good for me!

I got up.  

I walked out.

Right then.  Not a second more.

I was done.  


This movie was painful to watch. It took me down memory lane and experiences that I have already lived as a person and I don't want to watch a movie around a theme like this. It took me back to situations I have left and done my best to heal from.  It has made me feel trauma in a whole new way.  

Triggers cannot always be predicted, but they will come, even if you have gone through healing because the level of healing always has a deeper layer, another strand, another perspective, another root.

Am I aware that the world wide problem of Sex Trafficking is extensive?  Yes.  

Do I believe that more education and awareness needs to be done on this topic?  Yes.  

Do I believe that more could be done to help those involved in it and victims of it?  Yes.

However, in my opinion, there are better ways to tell a redemptive story and not make people live horrific scenes images, words, emotions, raw energy, concepts, beliefs, and that help me learn something to apply to my life. We know these and more situations exist. But a redemptive movie that is effective has a way to make a lesson to any and all without taking you through trash to get there.

Example: War Room showed a struggle in a marriage but it lived out the way praying for a Spouse and Family and your own life changes things. It helped one to realize the power of prayer and what happens when you have increased faith.

What did this movie, Priceless, teach me? 

What did this movie, Priceless, help me to learn about my own life? 

What was the lesson to encourage, support and inspire me in my walk with God?  My life with Friends?  

What did this movie, Priceless, do to create a desire for peace, love and kindness?

You say we need more education on Sex Trafficking.  So if I take that line of logic, you are saying that I should see a movie that shows people being killed and stabbed to death in a Gay Club because society isn't aware this happens and it is such an issue and we need need a better perspective to awaken us?

Or you say that I should see a movie about affairs and relationships being torn apart and marriages ruined because it isn't enough that we see this happening all around us?  I should watch a play that shows me how this happens?

You are telling me that I should be filling my mind with drama and angry words and images because it helps me grow to be a better person? Stronger in my faith? More courageous in my Spirit? More loving in my actions? Kinder in my relationships? More patient and forgiving with one another?

I say F that!

Someone that saw the movie with me said to me, well at least it didn't have nudity and profanity. And to think that you/we/others justify this saying it didn't have nudity and profanity is better than Sex Trafficking? As Donald Trump would say: WRONG!!!

I pray every single person who has seen this film will stop and think about their life. This is not a funny matter, and yes, I've been triggered deep in my soul.  I've been there.  I lived this.  No not with multiple partners, but does that matter?  One was more than enough.

People say that the Christian World needs a wake up call, and they may, but let me tell you something, this isn't the way to do it!

Don't be afraid to stand up and walk out of a movie if it isn't feeling your soul with things that matter to you.

Don't be afraid to put only good things in your life that help you create the life you want.

Don't be afraid to go against the crowd.  Following the masses doesn't bring peace.  Knowing you are living your truth does.

Be you.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Personalized Application of II Kings 18

Misty trusted in the Lord, her God. She clung to the Lord and did not stop following him; whenever He spoke to her heart, she listened and obeyed. So the Lord was with her and she was successful in everything she did.
Will you make II Kings 18 yours? Are you trusting the Lord? Will you cling to His Promises and Truth? Will you seek God? Will you listen?
One of my friends posted this as a comment on Facebook and it was a great way to think on the truths and our walk and actions!
#TheLifeOfMisty #ThePowerOfChoice #Affirmations

Friday, October 14, 2016

Single with a Purpose

Being single isn't for the faith heart. It is a choice to wait for the person we believe God is bringing to us. It a choice to not give into the hookup culture. It is a choice to continue to believe in Marriage even if we do not have a guy or girl of our own. It is a choice to continue to have faith and trust that God has a plan. It is an opportunity to work on ourselves, trying to be our best each and every day, to work extremely hard, to be diligent in our goals and plans for the future, to not be a victim in our circumstances, to not grow bitter when others seem to have the love of their life and make you feel like a 5th wheel for your single status, it is a choice to remain positive, it is always an option to seek to be an overcomer, to love ourselves through all of it: the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, knowing that we are happy single because we know that being married isn't our identity and shouldn't be our main life goal, but we continue to believe that loving relationships make life even more beautiful and so with that we have hope that someday we will post Facebook statuses like you do that shout to the world who the love of our life is!

[I had to create my own version of what is going around Facebook for Married Couples because at almost 40...well, I got a lot of Single Years Experience!!!]

Monday, October 10, 2016

Prayer 10.10.2016

Today Lord, I pray for those hurting who can't see past their tears, their pain, their discouragement, their grief, their circumstances. I pray for those that desire to see things shift in their life. I pray that they will open their heart up deeper to trust you. To move past the areas of regret, shame, guilt and fear.
To believe. To have hope. To choose positivity over negativity. To believe that it all starts with us making a choice and allowing you to give us power. Knowing we have your power inside of us. Knowing that you give us all the tools to live and do our tasks here. Knowing that we do not have to fight any harder than with your armor.
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