Thursday, June 22, 2017

poem ~ Girls Weekend

I've got the room ready
for you to come and stay,
I'm glad you feel comfortable 
to come hang with me for a few days.

It seems forever 
since it was just you and me,
As most of the time
you've got all the kiddos with thee.

We're gonna have a blast
as we spend time catching up,
Eating and laughing
and crying through the tough stuff.

I promise I won't hog you
each and every day,
As I know you've got a wedding
and other Friends to see on your stay.

But I'm anxious to see you
and catch up again,
Because it's been a week from hell 
and I'd like it to end.

I love all my Friends 
and don't get enough time with them,
So thanks for making me a stop
on this trip back to Texas Girlfriend. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ life is hard

The ride is volatile 
and sometimes 
you honestly don't know 
how you're gonna make it through. 

The road is long
and sometimes 
you feel like you'll never arrive 
to where you're going to. 

The journey is tough
and sometimes 
you wonder if you have the strength 
to continue to take it all in stride.

The day is long
and sometimes 
you just don't wanna live it
because pain is all it ever gives to you.

© Misty W Gilbert #Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #LifeIsHard #RealLifeExamples

poem ~ what if

What if you said
all the words you wanna say?

What if you felt 
all the feelings you keep shoving away?

What if you asked
all the questions you think?

What if you voiced
all the doubts in your head?

What if you admitted
all the hurts that have ripped your heart?

What if you expressed 
all the desires that fill your heart?

What if you listened to
all the dreams calling you?

What if you embraced
all of your life that's happened to you?

What if you told
all the secrets you won't share?

What if you took a risk on
all the risks that you've skipped?

What if you entertained 
all the stirrings you won't trust?

What if you didn't keep hidden
all the parts you won’t reveal to us?

What if you weren't 
all afraid to be you?

What if you didn't deny
all the power in you?

What if you believed 
all the truth fully about you?

What if you loved yourself 
all the way others do you?

What if you could see 
all the beauty you are internally? 

© Misty W Gilbert
[inspired by a blog post by Jim Palmer, Author]
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #WhatIf #ThePowerOfChoice #AskQuestions #BeYOU #BeAnOriginal #RemoveTheMask

poem ~ single with a purpose

You ask if I'm single,
what's it to you?
Please won't you just get to know me
for who I am,
Without trying to make
some ulterior plan?

I get I'm attractive
with absolutely beautiful blue eyes too,
But life consists more of
what's on the inside
Then what your viewing
from me on the outside.

If you spent more time
asking questions from your soul
Maybe you'd know more
about life
And how all these things
make a relationship come alive.

Perhaps if you spent
more time seeking and not trying to get
But to appreciate
the opportunity next to you
Then maybe you'd see
why I am single and what's made me become me.

If you considered it fully
then maybe you would see
That life isn't achieved
by your marital status instantly
And perhaps you'd live each day
much more intentionally.

© Misty W Gilbert
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