Saturday, July 29, 2017

poem ~ I Love Jesus

I Love Jesus 
I really really do,
You don't have to believe me
even though I cuss a little too.

I love Jesus 
with every part of my heart,
That doesn't mean I'll do things
the way you think is so smart.

I love Jesus
but I want to live my own life,
And not be put in these boxes
you think are so quite nice.

I love Jesus
but I'm not gonna believe, 
All the things you tell me I have to do
when faith is all I need.

I love Jesus
even if we disagree,
That doesn't mean I'm wrong and your right 
just because different perspectives we see.

I love Jesus 
and don't do all the things you say,
And yet I'm loved completely
each and every single day. 

I love Jesus
but I am gonna be fully me,
For I know the truth of how
unconditional love sets people free.

I love Jesus
and wanna be like him,
And make a difference in your life
by questioning your thoughts again and again. 

I love Jesus
and want you to know,
You don't have to be in my life
if the way I live brings grief and strife. 

I love Jesus
that doesn't mean everything I say,
Will be something you agree with
or remotely make your day.

I love Jesus 
and I am happy in this fact,
That I've got a purpose to fulfill
in spite of your judgment, condemnation and attacks.

I love Jesus
and will tell you here and now,
I will continue to be bold and shine
with authenticity and love divine. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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