Sunday, February 12, 2017

poem ~ pain is a gift

Pain is a gift,
that nobody wants.
It is wrapped up inside you,
to strengthen and guide you.

To alert you to danger
and help you to see,
Something bad is there,
you need to avoid it please.

To show you very clearly,
you abruptly must stop,
Before you do more damage,
and simply ruin all you've got.

Sometimes pain is there,
to help you gain strength,
To build and be challenged,
above the limits you think.

The purpose of pain,
is to help you to see,
Something that's happening,
beyond what you can see.

When you focus on pain,
and see it as a gift,
It will change your perspective,
and allow you to shift.

Pain is a gift,
that each of us should want,
Please don't fight it,
let it's purpose define you.

© Misty W Gilbert

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