Sunday, June 26, 2016

a fabulous weekend

This has been a fabulous weekend! 

~ Speed Dating Event - this is my 3rd time to do this and no, all 6 of the guys were a "no" which just helps me to become even clearer on what I am looking for in a man to join my life! I love that it is easy to know when there is a fit and when there isn't.

~ Wedding Celebration for a dear friend and reflections during that wedding on his life, what he has accomplished and his impact in mine. He has inspired me to increase my stamina to be able to dance for hours and hours and hours and not be out of breath. Seriously!!! Wow!

~ 2.5 Hour Webinar from someone in my ‪#‎CircleOfInfluence‬ on How To Write Better.

~ Clarity obtained on some things holding me back from being able to ‪#‎CreatTheLifeYouWant‬ and how I will change this. Specifically: I am going to take my vulnerability on my videos up a notch. I set a schedule with my Writing Accountability Partner to meet my blog goals, book goal, and other material I am working on with friends for their online university. Some new goals made for my personal life with regards to my routine, specifically some workouts and my schedule. Postponed starting a Bible Study that I was going to begin this week until August as I have 2 I am already in and I was overstretching myself.

~ A new commitment to write again on my personal blog more frequently (some of you are going to be beyond ecstatic that I am doing this as you have missed me immensely and have wanted me to do this).

~ Some dreaming on some things I want to do with my business and changes I want to implement.

~ Some progress made on my ‪#‎MinimalismGoals‬ in my ‪#‎30DayChallenge‬ to get rid of 465 items! I have made $150.00 so far in this process. I have set a hard core deadline of December 31st, 2016 to complete this project with an outline of what I want to complete each month.

~ Hired a guy to clear my lot to put back on the market to sell.

~ Did yard work in my swimsuit...what can be better then getting a tan and trimming bushes? My mom would die.

~ I will resume ‪#‎DanceLessons‬ in July.
‪#‎2016Goals‬ ‪#‎PursueYourDreams‬ ‪#‎LiveIntentionally‬