Thursday, December 22, 2016

the expectations vs no expectations rule

Misty, if you just didn't have expectations you wouldn't get hurt. You wouldn't get let down. You would be able to flow with life easier and be able to accept what happens. You would understand things differently.

Maybe you've been told this. Maybe you think this. Maybe you feel that the whole root issue is people have expectations and they shouldn't. And that life would be what it is supposed to be if you had zero expectations.

As usual, I agree and disagree.

When I come to a 4 way stop on the road, I expect you are going to stop. I do not assume you aren't. I assume you are.

When I put money in the bank, I expect it is going to go into my bank account, not yours.

When I order an alcoholic beverage, I expect you are certified and know how much of what to put in the drink to make it flavorful and delicious and that you are paying attention when you create this.

When I kiss you, I expect you are going to kiss me back.

When I buy a book, I expect when I open it up to find printed words on a page.

When I turn the light switch on to illuminate the room, I expect that it is going to work and help me to see.

When I put the key in the ignition of my car, I expect it to turn on when I create the force and energy to rotate it into motion.

When I mail a package at the post office, I expect that they are going to ship it and the receiver will get it.

When I tell you that I am going to do something, I expect myself to follow through on this commitment.

When I throw something up into the air, I expect it will come back down.

So...should we have expectations or no expectations?

I think that it goes back to one of my core beliefs: There is a time and place for everything and what works or will be appropriate at one point in time, might not work or be appropriate at another.

There is a time when we should have expectations and a time when we shouldn't.

There is a time when expectations help us to receive the results we want and there is a time when having expectations hinders us from getting the results we want.

There is a time when expectations will create connection and a time when expectations will result in a wedge and disconnection between people.

There is a time when expectations will show you what needs to happen and there is a time when expectations will tear down or hinder what you are trying to make happen.

There is a time when expectations will create energy and momentum and there are times when expectations will deplete us and cause things to come to a standstill.

Making hard and fast rules that you can't have any expectations to create the life you want, is putting a focus on creating a rule that may not always work and thus create frustration in your life that could be avoided.

What would happen if you realized there are times you need to have expectations and times you shouldn't? What would happen if you were open to having some expectations in your life and realize that sometimes you can't? What would happen if you saw the benefit of expectations and the benefit of not having any expectations?
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