Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the pursuit of simplicity

Today, I want to share part of my heart.

My word this year is simplicity. My focus this year is simplicity. My vision is simplicity. My purpose is simplicity. My adding value to my life is in simplicity.

Not everyone gets it. I had a conversation with a girlfriend 2 weeks ago who avidly disagreed with me and stated that Jesus is about abundance, not limits.

I explained that Minimalism isn't about limits, it is about having what you need, what is enough, not consumption, excess, or waste. That it is about creating a life that adds value, where you use your things, where you aren't creating a dwelling stuffed with stuff for the sake of what everyone else says you have to have. Though some target minimalism as a status of who has the least is the best, this isn't what I am about. She still didn't agree or get it.

Sometimes it hurts when my friends feel I have gone crazy. Sometimes their words can dig deep. Sometimes when they feel you have lost your faith and purpose it can make you feel like you are wrong for how you are living your life. Sometimes the disconnect from reality of the world around you is worth your own inner peace. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and realize that we create our outer world by our inner world and this is an individual choice. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the truth. Sometimes we have to let some people go.

Keep on tribe. I promise...creating a life of value is meaningful!
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poem ~ fear

Will you let fear rule in your heart? 
Or will you break the boundaries to tear it apart?

Will you allow fear to override the truth?
Or will you let truth override the fear?

Will you let fear hold you back?
Or will you take charge and pursue a course in a fearless pack?

Will you keep fear in your front view mirror?
Or will you leave it in the dust of your rear view mirror?

Will you make fear your Best Friend for life?
Or will you destroy it's grip that it has on your life?

Will you let fear be what keeps you in chains?
Or will you seek freedom with the release of what fear gains?

Will you let fear be what drives your choice?
Or will you make fear the smallest voice?

© Misty W Gilbert
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