Wednesday, June 28, 2017

poem ~ some days

Some days I think I know 
the plan you have for me,
and then I second-guess myself 
is this really where you're taking me?

Some days I think I can go 
this road alone for reals,
Because I don't need a man
to enjoy life with all the thrills.

Some days I long to find the one 
who'll take my hand in his, 
And show me that this life alone 
isn't the one that I should live.

Some days I think I may have met 
the one you have for me,
And then you show me just a clue 
how wrong this thought can be.

Some days I think I have it figured out 
the next step that I must take to be,
Focused on the plan to execute 
the vision that's in front of me.

Some days I'm fine with living all alone 
and then I get a glance of him,
And wonder how this can be right
for I'd love to snuggle watching football every night.

Some days it makes no sense to me 
how one moment I can be fine and free,
And then someone says something to me 
that makes me wish I had a man for keeps.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ the fire

My eyes look into the fire
I see it change different color hues,
From yellow orange and purple blue
it's burning deep inside of you,
How can something burn so deep 
and yet it's hard to escape the heat?

When you feel the fire burn within
and wonder if it will ever end,
It burns down deep into your soul
the yearning strong to gain control,
How can it comfort you
and at the same time burn all the way through?

The warmth it brings into your heart
makes life feel it's a brand new start,
Yet at the same time it is true
if I get to close it'll burn right thru,
How can I want this so very bad 
when I see the fire raging mad?

The conflict that I see 
burns very deep inside of me, 
The grip it has on my life
feels oh so close to paradise,
And as I get lost in its grasp 
I wonder just how long it will last?

Then all of sudden just like that 
the fire burns out with a zap, 
I am left out in the cold 
to wonder what is left untold,
How can I ever know the truth
and discover warmth that lasts like truth?

Please don't make me feel this way 
for wanting to know this in my soul,
It's something that I just can't help
as I long to discover the burning hole,
How can I keep this to myself
when life is more then what's at risk? 

I know you felt it just like me 
these feelings that burn inside of thee,
Don't let the fire burn within
because I promise you there's more of them,
How can I not be thankful then
for the warmth that comes from the fire within?

© Misty W Gilbert
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