Friday, February 17, 2017

an evening at laugh

Last night I went to an event called Laugh where two guys were cracking jokes and trying to make us laugh, sometimes succeeding easily, and sometimes not.

As I drove home from this event an hour from my house, I wondered why I didn't come away feeling like I had a great evening. Ohhhhh, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a "bad" event. It was really good to see some of my Girlfriends, to give them hugs and to catch up in the intermission as to what was going on in each others lives. But seriously, I drove an hour each way and spent 2 hours listening to guys talk about things that under normal circumstances I wouldn't sit and listen to. Sure, the event was free, other than fuel, drive time and getting to bed 90 minutes past my bedtime, it cost me nothing. But making jokes about doing workouts and farting 17 times is something I need in my life to have humor? To make me laugh? To create a "good time"?

I hesitate writing this. Because my viewpoint isn't the norm. I am the odd man out. Over and over. Everyone says that was so great. He was awesome. Wasn't that fun? What a great evening.

To be honest. No. This wasn't a great evening!

A great evening to me would have been having you at my house and sitting on my couch talking about real life. Laughing. Talking. Sharing.

A great evening to me would have been catching up on some messages from Steven Furtick because he has some great material and I can't get enough of his series right now called Work Your Window. Or I could listen to one of his series that rocked my world 2 Years ago called God's Will Is Whatever.

A great evening to me would have been getting my 40th Birthday Thank You Notes written because I have only gotten to a handful of them. And I normally get this done ASAP.
A great evening to me would have been to write out prayers to those who have asked for prayer in my Women's Virtual Online Fervent Bible Study Group that I am leading on Monday Nights.

A great evening to me would have been to do something that would have added value to my life. That would have bettered me as a person. That would have had a lasting effect on me. These things light my fire. These things make me happy. These things are what I will pursue.

And yes, I need more humor in my life, I am a very practical, back and white person, doing more work then fun, but I don't want to laugh over things that are shallow and stupid.
I'll stand up and be different. I'll accept being the odd man out. It won't be the first time I write something on Facebook and my blog that will shake you up.

I am going to settle for more.

What do you want from your life? Will you spend time doing the things that follow the vision you have for your life? Will you be willing to be a ripple effect and make a difference in things that really matter?
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life lessons from yoga ~ part 1

I love to do Yoga. Regular Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yoga in the Vineyard and I have done Yoga consistently for a few years after dabbling in it with some Groupon purchases for awhile.

One of the things I love about Yoga is the way that it strengthens my Mind Body connection. How it forces me to go internally to receive the message and transform myself. How the words of my instructors shape my day and change my life. How the lessons I learn from my practice can be applied to other aspects of my life.

A few weeks ago, my instructor shared that our mind is always looking for ways to prove we can't do a pose, that we do not have the strength, that our body isn't able, that we aren't good enough, that we will fail. I know this to be true. Not just because she said it or because I learned something from a previous Coach who worded it a bit differently, but from my own life's experiences.

Sometimes when I am doing this workout and the instructor shares something like this, I wanna say, time out! I need to think, journal, pray over that. Or hey, that was powerful, can we talk about that? I have to make a mental note to come back to the thought later so that I can apply it to my life more deeply.

Today, I want to ask you: Whose Voice are you listening to?

The one that says this is hard? I can't do this? I want out? I am weak? I am not good enough? Nobody loves me?

Or will you retrain your mind to embrace the truth? To be open to new possibilities? To test yourself? To strengthen you beyond what you feel you can do?

What would it take for you and I to be open and willing to see something in a new perspective? What would it take for you to receive the events of your life in a new way? What would it take for you to ask yourself empowering questions that will help you reshape things in a new light?

I want to encourage you to be more! To change your focus! To shift your mindset! To be open to something different. Will you join me in doing this in your own life as I do it in mine?
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