Friday, December 16, 2016

using your head for something besides holding your ears apart

One of the things my Mother forever was telling me, screaming at me, drilling into me was: Will you use your head for something besides holding your ears apart?
It was said with an incredulous, frustrated, I can't believe you are so stupid, you really are driving me insane, attitude.

I resented it. It made me angry. It made me frustrated. It made me despise that she thought I wasn't listening. It made me feel small. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough. It made me feel that she didn't think I really was trying to use my head. It made me feel flat out stupid. Many times for even trying.

Yet the older I got, I realized that this was something that actually helped me to become an avid thinker. It helped me to stop and ask:

It also taught me other skills, It helped me be calm in the midst of angry people. It helped me to realize they couldn't see what I was thinking or feeling unless I communicated it. And yes, the risk of communicating what method I had used to get to the decision making process I had gotten to would likely get me into more trouble and I would endure more shame and guilt, but it was a risk I sometimes took.

Learning to reframe those negative experiences in our lives is a choice. Learning to choose to find a way to help it grow us and turn us into a diamond is a choice. Learning to look for the gratitude in all things is a choice.

What will you choose?

How have you implemented something negative in your life to better you as a person?

What were you told in your childhood that has affected how you live your life today?

How have you turned it into something beneficial?

Can I see this from another perspective? - What am I missing here that could be other details or facts that I need to be aware of? - If I do this or that, what will the end result be? - How would my mother think through this situation? - What other questions can I ask to be able to make a better decision?
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