Friday, June 2, 2017

poem ~ is it possible

Is it possible 
to be enlightened in truth,
Beyond what you understand
in this journey to become you? 

Is it possible 
to move beyond frustration,
When less than ideal situations 
are the focus around you?

Is it possible 
to really believe in hope,
And that despair is not an option
even when you really care?

Is it possible 
to have a life of ease,
And not full of tension
coming apart at the seams?

Is it possible 
to have an internal peace hedge,
When everyone around you
is holding onto a grudge?

Is it possible 
to live a life with choices and power,
Beyond what appears
in the victim mindset each hour?

Is it possible
to have an abundant life here,
I believe it is
so will you join me in pursuing it without fear?

© Misty W Gilbert
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