Monday, May 1, 2017

poem ~ the battle of vulnerability

The battle of vulnerability 
is that some will always see
it as a flaw in me.

The battle of vulnerability 
is to reflect on my most inner part
of the matters of the heart. 

The battle of vulnerability 
is to let someone in
and not let secrets win.

The battle of vulnerability 
is to let others see
how truly normal they be.

The battle of vulnerability 
is ultimately to give hope
beyond all you believe to see.

The battle of vulnerability 
is to love and accept
and let them choose to connect.

The battle of vulnerability 
is some will completely be touched
while for others it will be too much.

The battle of vulnerability 
may change your perspective of me
even in my imperfect so perfect personality.

The battle of vulnerability 
is something you must choose even more
but no one can make you walk thru that door.

The battle of vulnerability 
may seem contrary to life
yet it creates a connection in flight.

The battle of vulnerability 
always enlightens me
when I least expect it to heal me.

The battle of vulnerability 
will forever be with thee
but it's a choice to stay limited or free.

© Misty W Gilbert
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results of being unplugged on vacation...

1st day back to "the office" is what is changing from my 6 Days unplugged:

- new writing routine set with my Accountability Writing Buddy that I am beginning today which includes to write a Poem every day as I set forth 01.01.2017, I have 3 days set to write on my book and 3 days to work on the university program each week.

- will be canceling all participation as a Volunteer in all Charity Functions except one, the Dallas Local Meetup Group that I lead for the guys of The Minimalists because I believe this provides the most value out of all the ones I do and I touch the most / more lives in this then any of the other monthly and weekly things I have done. Oh, and I will keep my Charity Clients, currently have 3 of them but I am going to make sure they aren't more then 10% of my Client base. I have been out of balance in this with about 40% of my work being done for Charity, for years.

- will be converting to a 4 day work week...I set this goal back in 2014, it is time to make it happen and quit procrastinating.

- will complete the program I am writing for a university this month.

- put the deposit down on #2017VacationNumberTwo for July 2017, another Beach House, this time in South Padre Island

- will resume my VLOGs two times a week, on Tuesday's and Thursday's / Friday's depending on Client sessions because those days rotate, starting this week.

- will be moving my branding from my DBA that I have had since June 2004 to my LLC that was formed June 2013.

- will be doing more work on myself to embrace where I am, my message, the differences I have and who God has called me to be in fulfilling my calling and all that that entails.

- and more as I get clarity on a few remaining items from my time away at the Beach House with Jesus!
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