Tuesday, April 25, 2017

poem ~ a walk through rejection

I tried to walk a mile
on down the beach today,
But my heart was grieving 
in its very own special way.

You see I've been on a Journey
to learn once again,
The meaning and lessons there are
from the people who wound your heart.

We all have our triggers
and things that hurt deep,
Sometimes it's not easy
to quit playing it on repeat.

But today as I look back
on my courageous journey thus far,
I can't help with gratitude remember 
the numerous blessings that there are.

My life is not perfect
though it might seem so from your view,
That I've got it all figured out
in spite of the hurtful things I've been through.

The choice to stay positive 
some days feels like just a game,
Yet I promise you it's more
of a way through the pain.

I wish I could explain 
why people hurt you so,
But I believe in my heart
that every person must do their part.

You can't make all the people
who say they love you so,
To actually work through the problems
and face them as you go.

For many will alternatively choose
to simply run away and hide,
Explaining they have every right
and set boundaries to block all sides.

You may never get the answers
as you seek forgiveness yet,
But the option is only yours
to live a life with or without regret.

Don't let one person ruin your core
or two, or three, or even four,
For true friends won't abandon you
they'll love you even more.

Some days it will be hard to see
why all this is happening for me,
But when I live in love and grace
I can see His perfect plan taking place.

Today I release this Friend of mine
knowing I've got bigger mountains to climb,
Though I still wish you'ld walk this journey with me
I respect the fearful state you've chosen to be.

I will continue to pray for you dear
for I believe in you and your mission there,
But I choose no longer to let you rip my heart
and begin today with a fresh new start.

I forgive you for deeply hurting me
but for one another I'll still be,
For I know completely once again
authentic love and friendship will never fail or end.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photos Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Cayucos, California April 2017
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