Saturday, April 30, 2016

poem ~ new path

I'm on my new path
Without you
It's both freeing
And yet it hurts so deeply it's true.

Not ashamed of my pain
Sometimes it's motivation
To face the crowd and the critics
And show them what real love is.

To avoid my pain
Won't ever allow me to fully heal
For I wanna live differently
With a whole new perspective in grace.

I know what I want
And when I reflect on this fact
I believe your rejection is truly just yet
Another chapter in this courageous journey of my life.

In the days
I'm lost and the pain takes my breathe away
I get to choose to learn and love me more
For these circumstances make me stronger.

It drives me
To search more deeply
For your peace, love and the truth
Yes, I really abundantly know it.

In the root of pain
Through the questions and criticism from others
It is shaping and sculpturing
A more beautiful soul fighting a war in me.

I have you
What more could I want
God you unconditionally just love me
Everyday, in every single way.

You give me a clear view
And with my new confident heart
I continue creating this path for all I want in life
There ain't nothing stopping me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paryer 04.20.2016

Dear God,
THANK YOU for the way you show up in my life. To show me you love me. Just me. As I am today. Right here. Right now. To accept me as I am. Not asking me to be somebody I am not. To not require me to be anything you don't want me to be.
You encourage me. To keep pursuing you no matter who rejects me. No matter what life deals me. No matter what path I take. You walk right beside me.

For believing in me when I don't believe in myself. For giving me grace. For showing me that I can choose in this moment to create the life I want.
For how you help to bring clarity in the moment of confusion and chaos. In deep emotional pain. In the beautiful gifts of each day.
To make me see that life is truly what I make of it. Every moment. Every day. Every month. Every year.
I love you Jesus!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

poem ~ today is a gift

Today is a gift
opened with the sun,
I thoroughly lived it,
and breathed it.
I took it in my arms, 
hugged it tight,
and savored each moment
for it's another page
in my chapter.
The gift is spent
and it is time to return
it to the moon
for when I release it
I know tomorrow
I will get yet another.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

poem ~ the free one

I sometimes wonder
I question your plan
I ask the meaning
Of all life's demands.

I want something different
I aim for the gold
I long for the feeling
Of life's journey to be told.

I know it takes faith
I believe with much love
I contemplate action
Of hope to rise above.

I am the free one
I have the power to be
I only can choose
Of which happy lives in me.

I focus on thriving
I intentionally give
I know it's my goal
Of each day that I live.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

poem ~ give love a chance

I say I love you
but you don't comprehend
the depth of these words
or the meaning my friend.

They don't just belong
in my head or my heart
for I live them in moments
each day from the start.

A life full of love
gives meaning and hope
makes everything special
with more ways to cope.

Love has such meaning
many ways it can be shown
the depth of believing
is fully unknown.

Love has no boundaries
it truly has no walls
the only obstruction
is by ones own withdrawal.

Give love a chance
don't hold it back
for it's in this moment
you can never look back.

Monday, April 4, 2016

poem ~ dating vacation

A damsel in distress
That I am not
Sure I've been hurting
Depressed I am not.

Yes I was dating
Today I am not
Don't try to judge me
As I unravel my knot.

A dating vacation
It's my choice I say
This conscious decision
For I want to bloom today.

To give time for healing
As I discover in grief
The relationships meaning
By faith I have belief.

You say just move on
To choose someone new
But little is this true
When your heart is so blue.

The day then will come
When I am open again
To receiving the love
And attention of men.

But until I believe
I have arrived at that place
Please honor my boundaries
In request of this space.

A man who is pushy
To force his way in
Won't get my attention
In his effort to win.

Nope this is not
Me playing hard to get
I'm knee deep in this chapter
Simply facing my shit.

Some days I do quite well
Other times I'm not fine
But none of this matter
If I'm just passing the time.

Single status I am
Unafraid I am not
For I am surrounded
By friends quite a lot.

I know who I am
And the things I am not
I trust in my God
For healing He's bought.

~ written by Misty Gilbert 04.04.2016

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

poem ~ follow your heart

I'm just a girl on a journey
embracing the moment
experiencing each day
with vibrance and life.

My path is different
then yours on most days
because I believe
in the uniqueness of ways.

Yet as much as I am different
I am also alike
you and your vision
in this thing we call life.

My heart is for courage
and connection through love
To become a woman of virtue
built on the foundation of truth.

Some days it is clear
what this looks like to me
Some days it is muddy
beyond recognizable belief.

My experiences may differ
and beliefs may look wrong
but if you trusted in love
you would believe in the song.

Through pain I have found
new ways to have hope
for in it I discovered
my calling and purpose.

No matter the difference
you see in my life
one thing you can't touch
is the freedom in Christ.

I want to encourage you
to see beyond pain
to find hope in dealing
with healing and rain.

To be the person
God called you to be
you must choose to live
through moments like these.

The power of choice
remains yours to use
the gift in each blessing
intentionally you choose.

Embrace all that life
has brought you today
for in each encounter
you must choose the way.

Don't live in regrets
just follow your heart
flowing open with love
in every part.
~ written by Misty Gilbert 04.03.2016
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