Monday, April 24, 2017

poem ~ vacation at the beach

The door is wide open
to let in the ocean breeze,
and listen to the endless waves
as they crash along the beach.

I sit here in my comfy chair
with pen and paper to write,
poems about life's beautiful things
with additional lines to recite.

The time is passing quickly here
but I promise I'm loving every moment,
as I treasure this quiet time alone
to reflect and rest in this beach home.

I can't tell you what this view is like
sometimes it doesn't seem real,
that I'm getting to sit here and take it in
for its gorgeous and such a heavenly feel.

© Misty W Gilbert
Photo Taken By:@mistywgilbert at Journeys End in Cayucos, California April 2017
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poem ~ God Is Bigger

As I sat on the airplane
I caught you looking at my hand,
I wondered what you were thinking
with that far-away look that you had.

Perplexed I could see
and I thought about what it could be,
see little did you know
sometimes there's still that fear residing in me.

16 years I wore it
this band on my left hand,
to prevent access to my heart
from any advances of a man.

Some days it's very easy
to face all my fears,
other times it takes courage
to stop the story that brings tears.

So little do you know
as you stared there at me,
all the emotions you triggered
down deep inside of me.

I'm glad you finally asked
what Mark 10:27 meant,
for the bracelet I wear
is God's bigger than all of it.

Your eyes conveyed a longing
and deep desire for Hope,
my response wasn't what you expected
and it left you puzzled - no joke.

You sat back and tried
to absorb what I just said,
yet your heart already forgot
the verse I had just read.

So you asked me again
what did it say?
To which I responded
why don't you just take this today?

You quickly told me
oh no, it's just fine,
I just want to read it
when I have the time.

But I wouldn't let you
not have this bracelet of mine,
because I know the impact it has had
on my daily life each time.

Yes I wear it
every single day of the year,
because I need to be reminded
my God Is Bigger then all my cares.

There once was a time
I would have not given you that,
but I've seen the value that comes
from a ripple effect.

So today I am thankful
for the impact I made,
I only pray you'll come to know God
in a very special way.

No matter if you do or you don't
I know your heart was deeply touched,
by the impact of the thought
that with God all things are possible brought.

And no I didn't even ask you your name
I count it as a blessing just the same,
for the reminder to me that we are
ever connected even worlds apart.

And if by chance on this day
you actually connected to God in your own way,
I'll simply count it as one of my grateful moments
as we all have a choice in a pay-it-forward focus.

For each and everyone I will pray
that love you'll have and in the good fight stay,
please never lose your hope each day
for all things are possible with God and Faith.

© Misty W Gilbert
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