Tuesday, June 6, 2017

poem ~ live the life of your dreams

I'd like to do something
different I think,
Like make money painting
and writing poems in ink.

Maybe even Financial Debt Coaching
for those desiring to change,
And live a life of abundance 
not in fear of how to pay for things.

I wanna have a life
of living everything in fun,
Because it's a choice
of how I live this one run.

I'm done fighting with insurance 
every day of my life,
And playing the games
of the medical billing claim rights.

It's been 20 Years 
I think it's time for something new, 
I just have to figure out
how to make this come true.

I love my clients
yet it isn't what it seems,
Working with people 
who have debt splitting at the seams.

Life shouldn't be
a horrific fight, 
Just to make the most
of having a great life.

I never would have dreamed
I'd think of doing something different,
But the negative energy
is what it isn't. 

I get do many things
that I like to do,
How do you decide
which ones for you?

I know I'll figure it out
and embrace the change,
Because I'm determined 
to create the life of my dreams!

© Misty W Gilbert
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