Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Your Look On Life

You have been trained to look at life as though you will always have speed bumps and struggles. That you have to be afraid and live in fear. That you can only handle so much. That you will always get disappointments. That you can't trust others. That love is hard. That there are limits on well being, love, and that life is such a challenge.

Have compassion for yourself.
Have love for yourself.
Have grace for yourself.

For the life experiences that have trained you look at life this way. For the life experiences and circumstances and people that have molded you to believe this is all there is to the journey. For the choice you have to push beyond this and have gratitude and appreciation.

You get to choose love.
You get to choose gratitude.
You get to choose trust.
You get to choose appreciation.
You get to choose to believe you are not alone.
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