Monday, December 19, 2016

is God silent?

I have had some conversations lately with others that have told me that God is silent. He isn't answering their prayers or giving them direction.

Yet as I think about God and who He is designed to be in a relationship with us, is He silent? When I think about the qualities of a relationship and what it takes to communicate, I wonder if we have misinterpreted God and His ways of communicating? I wonder if we have taken an expectation of how He communicates and made it a criteria of what we think is going to happen in our relationship with Him?

He tells us to: Seek and YOU WILL find. Doesn't that mean answers aren't missing? That they can always be found? That they are always forth coming? Always?

He says to: Ask and it SHALL BE given. Doesn't that mean He wants to hear from you and give back to you? Doesn't that mean He wants you to ask Him questions? Doesn't that mean He gives answers to questions?

He says: Trust, have Faith and Believe. Doesn't that mean you have to trust He is going to answer? To have faith that He is going to answer? To believe He is going to answer?

I wonder if we have labeled Him "unresponsive" when He actually has responded?

I wonder if in reality the silence means He has given you an answer, but because you were looking for a different one or didn't get the answer you wanted, you thought He hadn't responded?

I wonder if you've given God a deadline as to when the answer has to be there and maybe in His limitless time frame, He is creating the right moment for the answer to be dropped, but is sending you clues along the way before the mic drop to continually let you know He loves you and cares about the details in your life, but you are so focused on the BIG question that you aren't seeing the small questions He is answering along the way?

I wonder if in reality you have not asked and thanked Him at the same time, you've only been taking in the relationship?

I wonder if He is nodding His head, listening and working diligently behind the scenes on bringing about the next God Moment for you to see Him, feel Him, and trust him deeper?

I wonder if your distrust, fear, and lack of belief in Him is actually hindering you getting the answer and maybe not that He doesn't want to give you an answer?

I wonder if you have been doing all the talking, kinda monopolizing the conversation, not letting the conversation go back and forth, ebb and flow, give and take, in dialogue?

I wonder if you have been sporadic in your conversation with God?

I wonder if you aren't grateful for the answers He has already given you and you simply just want more?

I wonder if you deleted His email or overlooked His Text Message or were busy doing something else and His Call went to Voicemail?

I wonder if you were just a little more patient and believed the timing would be perfectly on time would help you live today and not wait for His answer?

I believe God is a BIG communicator. I believe God wants lots of communication from you. 

I believe God gives just as much back communication back. I believe it's a two way relationship. I believe God wants to give you want you want. I believe God wants to bless you. I believe God is always loving you, no matter what the situation is.

Please know, I believe there are times in conversations that we have silence. That we just sit and say nothing. That we ponder and mediate on what has already been shared. That we have to take time to contemplate the information and questions we have already put out on the table. That we step back and sometimes have to see the big picture instead of being so focused on the little details. Yet, sometimes we have to be more focused on the little details instead of just the big picture.

So...I wonder if the silence is meant for us to listen more instead of just keep talking?
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