Thursday, April 27, 2017

poem ~ the pain that you keep

The pain that you hold
so tight in your grasp,
is a long lonely road
with misery that lasts.

The pain that controls you
is from deep within,
its promise is truly
a negative friend.

The pain that you keep
attached to your heart,
doesn't allow you to have
a fresh new start.

The pain that you give
out from your bleeding heart,
doesn't allow you to live
in the most healing parts.

The pain is a sign
to help you to see,
that you aren't fine
if you continue to just be.

The pain that you have
is a chance to grow you,
beyond the intensity
and compassion to show too.

The pain that you feel
is deeply hurtful to know,
but if you let it perfect you
forgiveness will flow.

© Misty W Gilbert and Photo Taken By: @mistywgilbert in Pismo Beach, California April 2017
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poem ~ memory lane

The journey down memory lane
brings memories gallore,
When you walk through an open door
you'll find there's always more.

I drove by the place we used to live
on La Entrada Avenue, 
The house was just as I remembered it
on the hill with quite the view.

I reminisced about some memories there
until I was just eight, 
It's weird how some things seem like yesterday 
even though I'm 40 to date.

Yesterday I got to tour
the school of Bishops Peak,
Where I spent first through third grade
until we moved to the desert heat.

The walk to school seemed so long
when I was just just a child then,
Yet to look at it today
it's strange how your perspective is.

The principal heard my discussion
with one of the Office Staff,
And showed me where the yearbooks were
in a cupboard in the back.

I got to locate the details
of stuff about my school,
And see the pictures of my class
when I was young and just learning in school.

I got to share with various ones 
the things that looked the same,
And inquire about the teachers
who I'm sure don't remember my name.

I then drove to find my Dad's work
and stopped in to say hi,
Of course the receptionist was kind
but didn't know my Dad from back in time.

It's crazy to think about the moments there
for growing up my life was hard,
It's been cool to travel down this way 
yet it makes me feel old to study long ago days.

© Misty W Gilbert
#Poems #AuthorLife #MistyWGilbert #TheSassyVoice #MemoryLane