Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer 08.17.2016

Dear God,
I ask you to lead each of us today. To see that when there is chaos showing up either in our heart, our mind, or in our lives that you ask us to look to you, just as Peter did when the waves were creating intense turmoil around him, overwhelming him with doubt and fear. You want us to embrace the chaos and learn how to not fight it but let it strengthen us and give us more courage, hope and love.
It is a process of pruning us at times, which means it will hurt as things are cut off and damaged and removed. It is a process of refining us at times, which means it will grate like sandpaper or be intense heat as it purifies us and makes us smooth and more like you. It is a journey and we should embrace each aspect of it, not just endure it, but be ALIVE in it. Not letting it squelch the love or purpose that you have for us.
Help us to be a reflection of you, to be closer to you, seeking the truth you give. You will shine light on the darkness. You are the hope that leads us out of the dark. The darkness will never overcome the light and we have to believe that even though it may be really really really dark, light remains.
Help us to see we have a choice in all things that come our way. What we think. What we feel. How we respond. How we move forward. How we react, even just internally. Let us see that we are not victims, but overcomers that can live abundantly in freedom. Sometimes this means our prayer never ceases all day long because we need you giving us energy, breath and life as you fill us with you so we can get to the next step.