Saturday, February 25, 2017

poem ~ love through pain

I wince when I stand
and cringe when I sit
I am hurting all over
and I just wanna quit.

The pain in my body
is excruciating at best
the results of this wreck
creating lasting effects.

The tears stream my face
as I try to forget
These moments of pain
as I live through this shit.

You assume you know why
this happened to me
You perceive I am not focused
as I aught to be.

You state I'm too busy
that I should just sit and rest
Evidently you've never experienced
times that don't allow you that.

Your opinions rattled off
like it matters to me
When all I am asking 
is if you could just be kind to me.

Maybe there is more 
going on in my life
Then you can see from your view
from the other side.

Maybe you haven't had 
a life of extreme pressure
With things transpiring
that are beyond my control.

Maybe I haven't 
shared all that I can
Maybe I can't for reasons
I'd hope you'd understand.

Maybe there is deadlines
and work to be done
Ongoing legal battles
we are trying to get won.

Maybe if you realized
we each have our own shoes
That living this life
is something we each get to choose.

Maybe if roles were reversed
you'd make different choices
What if you bothered to see
I'm doing my absolute best to be me.

The truth of the matter
last time I checked 
was that this is God's will
for my life as of yet.

The viewpoint you have
comes from your own experience
No two are alike
as we each live God's purpose.

Maybe just love me
for who I am
Don't try to change me
for God's got a plan.

Maybe there is more 
you can do from within
To love and accept others 
in spite of their sin.

Maybe your judgment
keeps others away
Because you can't just love
day after day.

I'd ask you to look
beyond what you see
To the pain that I am experiencing
makes it hard to be free.

© Misty W Gilbert

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