Monday, May 8, 2017

poem ~ just be

Take a deep breath
and breath in n out,
Just relax a little more, 
give yourself a break
and trust your very core.

You're not meant to be perfect,
no, you won't always get things right,
You're a human being
and perfection 
isn't what you were created to be.

You don't have to spend so much time
trying so very hard, 
Maybe even stressing yourself out
or beyond that
flat out burning yourself out.

Even on the days
when the pressure is sky high,
When the expectations soar even higher
you can choose to be kind
and gentle to yourself. 

Yes, trust me...
just sit with your feelings,
And let it all be
for nobody wants you to be
anybody else but you.

You're perfect with your inevitable flaws,
more beautiful in your vulnerabilities too,
Your imperfections make you gorgeous
because you're just like me
your completely one hundred percent human.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ the life of printer ink

When your printer 
runs out of ink
and you can't finish
your project
it makes you forget
what you're even
supposed to think.

Oh the fun games 
we play
with ink these days
as we try to do our work
and get projects done
we have to stop 
and hunt for some.

At $75 a pop
not for just one 
but four 
because you need
magenta, cyan, yellow, and black
I spent $400
just like that.

So much for 
getting a bunch of 
work done
I get to put this project
on the back burner
and leave it sit 
yet again hon.

Nobody remembers
if there is an extra on the shelf
or if they ordered 
two of them last time
no matter how you try 
to always have a stash
you will run out of it.

Why are we so dependent 
on something like ink
that really is useless
because in just a few days
you will file it away
and forget you ever had it
or scan it and shred the original.

Everyone says 
we should be
completely digital
yet I have to sign here 
on the dotted line please
with my ink pen
because its required to be.

I think someone needs 
to come up with a better solution
to help us entrepreneurs
who live in a digital
and paper world
to be productive
and yet achieve work with ink.

© Misty W Gilbert
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poem ~ Life's Choices

It's another week
with choices upon me,
How I live in the moment
and let decisions define it.

To live in the space of fear, 
shame, guilt and regret, 
Or to find peace and love
in forgiveness and letting go of it.

To believe that I can
choose exactly what I want,
Knowing this life that I live
is ultimately mine to dream and create. 

To stay stuck in the past
or afraid of the future,
Doesn't give me the energy 
to live with a purpose.

To have the ultimate 
of everything here,
Requires that I approach 
all things with vulnerability near.

To stay focused on courage 
and the connection it brings,
When I'm living and thriving 
in the simplicity of the strength it brings.

The choice to be better
or stay in the box, 
Of living in freedom
or all the should and should not's.

The option to choose
faith, hope and love,
Requires me to be patient
and continually move.

The foundation of all
must begin in the spot,
Of looking through the lens
with gratitude a lot.

Just do the next best thing
in what is before you,
Believing with your heart
that this is the purpose for you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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