Thursday, July 27, 2017

poem ~ driven

Are you driven because of a meaning
and purpose deep in your soul?
Or are you driven to prove something
beyond your control?

Are you driven from a depth
of a well within your heart?
Or are you driven to live a life
meeting every important mark?

Are you driven with a heart
open to love in all that you do?
Or are you seeking validation
from external things you do?

Are you driven to be the best
because you know what you can do?
Or are you trying to destroy the connection
to those surrounding you?

Are you driven because its energy
that inspires you every day?
Or are you living under demands
to make life go a certain way?

Are you driven to learn compassion
and acceptance for who you are?
Or do you feel that you got to be driven
to prove who you really are?

Are you driven with a light
that shines from the core within?
Or are you giving life a box
in this only one you’re given to live?

© Misty W Gilbert
[Poem inspired by a conversation with Kayla Cotten]
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