Wednesday, August 24, 2016

be willing to ask questions

Don't be afraid to look deep and ask questions. Asking questions allows us to open up the space to seek and find answers. It allows us to be disciplined to renew our vision and focus on what is important. It allows us to ask others for help. It allows us the option to make choices.
Why did I respond this way?
What do I want for my life?
Who do I want to show up as in this situation?
How can I have gratitude in this moment?
What are my options?
We are not victims. It might feel like it, but we have options as to how we respond, what we choose to do, how much we will trust God, and answer why we do what we do.
Nobody can do this for us. We have to do it ourselves. But we can ask for help by others who have had success. We can seek direction from God more fully as He will give it to us if we just ask. We are not left to do this journey alone!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Prayer 08.23.2016

Dear God,
Today, I step out in faith, deeper as I search for answers to questions I have. Deeper as I acknowledge areas I am making mistakes and floundering to carry out what you have asked of me. Deeper as I desire to grow more like you have called me to be.
To be bold.
A heart to learn.
Always seeking truth.
I ask that you help me to see a way around my obstacles. I ask you to help me to create more internal peace in the midst of challenges of being disrespected, dishonored, and abused. Help me to keep pursuing you and not focus on these offenses. Help me to stay the course and continue an upward gaze, fixed on the outcome, not the circumstances. Help me to see how to utilize the strength you have given me to face today, this moment, and nothing else. Help me to see that fear paralyzes me, holds me back, builds walls, creates barriers, makes the challenge 100 times more then what it really is. Help me to not grow weary in this path you have called for me to walk.
Because I love you Jesus.
I pray in your most loving powerful abundant and limitless name, AMEN!
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School Lessons

You may not be going back to school today. You may not have any children to ever experience this like your friends. But you can choose each day to treat life like school. You can choose to be focused on living today because it is a portion of your story, your chapter, and before you know it, another year will be gone. You can choose to embrace the moments of today to learn, to grow, to communicate, to love, to have gratitude, to face your own fears, to live!

Just as these little kids are growing up and do not want Mom to hold their hand as they walk into class because they are too big for that, we sometimes don't think we need Jesus hand to guide us. We want to step out and do it on our own. We want to be strong. We think we have learned our lessons from last year. We think we can handle it.

God doesn't take it personal, He doesn't get upset, He doesn't say I told you so, He doesn't condemn us, He doesn't try to change our mind. He is waiting and ready and listening for us to choose when we want His hand to in ours, when we will allow Him to guide our journey, and He is ALWAYS loving and praying for us.

Will you be the same to those around you? Always allowing them to choose? Always showing love? Always being understanding that you haven't walked in their shoes? Always giving the benefit of the doubt? Always...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer 08.17.2016

Dear God,
I ask you to lead each of us today. To see that when there is chaos showing up either in our heart, our mind, or in our lives that you ask us to look to you, just as Peter did when the waves were creating intense turmoil around him, overwhelming him with doubt and fear. You want us to embrace the chaos and learn how to not fight it but let it strengthen us and give us more courage, hope and love.
It is a process of pruning us at times, which means it will hurt as things are cut off and damaged and removed. It is a process of refining us at times, which means it will grate like sandpaper or be intense heat as it purifies us and makes us smooth and more like you. It is a journey and we should embrace each aspect of it, not just endure it, but be ALIVE in it. Not letting it squelch the love or purpose that you have for us.
Help us to be a reflection of you, to be closer to you, seeking the truth you give. You will shine light on the darkness. You are the hope that leads us out of the dark. The darkness will never overcome the light and we have to believe that even though it may be really really really dark, light remains.
Help us to see we have a choice in all things that come our way. What we think. What we feel. How we respond. How we move forward. How we react, even just internally. Let us see that we are not victims, but overcomers that can live abundantly in freedom. Sometimes this means our prayer never ceases all day long because we need you giving us energy, breath and life as you fill us with you so we can get to the next step.

Friday, August 12, 2016

affirmations ~ 08.11.2016

I love You.
I'm here.
I'm listening.
You are safe.
I'm not going anywhere.

You are not alone.
You are cared for.
You won't be abandoned.
You can trust me.
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Thursday, August 11, 2016

3 Choices

Life gives you choices:
#1—You can let it define you.
#2—You can let it destroy you.
#3—You can let it STRENGTHEN you.

be around people...

God tells us that bad company (family, friends, coworkers, and influences) ruins good morals (values, character, core beliefs).....
Be around people who not only act like they care, but you know they do.
Be around people who ENCOURAGE you.
Be around people who speak LIFE into you.
Be around people who challenge your thoughts and actions.
Be around people who will not just listen to you, but they HEAR you.
Most importantly, be around people who are willing to WALK with you during the hardest times in your life. It's those people who are WORTH holding onto.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Today I Will

Today, I will learn to trust solutions rather then be victimized by problems. I will not use problems to prove that I am helpless, picked on, or martyred. I will not point to my problems to prove how awful life is. I will learn to trust the flow of problems and solutions. God, help me solve the problems I can solve today. Help me let go of the rest. Help me believe in my ability to tackle and solve problems. Help me to trust the flow. For each problem, there is a solution. 
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Prayer 08.10.2016

Dear God,
Some days we think it would be better to run. To walk out the door. To say I quit. To tell ourselves the fight isn't worth it.
To embrace the shadow. To forget about exposing the light. To not have any hope. To believe that nobody cares. To tell ourselves that we aren't making any difference. To not focus on the good things.
We get focused on our circumstances. Unable to see that you are working a plan and planning your work in us. If we would only stop and breathe. To feel your love and allow it to motivate us in all our moments.
If only we would be more bold. Have more light. Give more love when we feel we have given all. If only we would live in the abundant life you have given us and not focus on the waves, the enemies, the lies.
We have a choice to choose to believe your truth! Your love! Your purpose for our lives! We have a choice to see you working in ALL the little details! We have a choice to ask you for direction! We have a choice to accept that you always are walking with us! We have a choice to let you into our deepest thoughts, emotions, dreams and visions!
Lord help us today to carry this out to an even deeper level! I want to Lord. I so very much do.

YOU are beloved...

YOU are beloved. I wanted you to know.
Let it soak into your soul. Forget the lies you've heard. Rise above the hurt.
Don't be afraid. Don't let hope fade. Keep your eyes fixed on the light above.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Prayer 08.01.2016

Dear Lord,
Please be with me today. Help me to continue to fight the good fight. To keep my focus on you and not the things around me threatening to tear me down, to discourage me, to build fear and not faith, to thwart my purpose, to create apathy in me. Help me to love those that fight me, whose goal is to suck the life out of me, who don't encourage, support and inspire me to live the abundant life you have given me in freedom! Help me to be different. To choose the path you have for me and not follow the crowd. Help me to believe. Deeper. To believe you have my back. Completely.
Give me the strength to continue to pursue you with all my heart, my soul, my mind, my strength. I love you with every breath of my life!
Thank YOU Jesus for loving me. Being patient with me. In everything. Help me to appreciate you more.
In Jesus Name I pray all these things to be my outlook today. AMEN!
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