Friday, April 7, 2017

If Jesus was your Facebook Friend

If Jesus was your Facebook Friend, how would you interact with Him?

Would you like or comment on His posts?

Would you send Him messages to have your own private conversation?

Would you want to spend time in person and post pictures of your time together?

Would you care what was going on in His life?

Or...would you not accept His friend request?

Or...would you accept but not follow Him and click the unfollow button?

Or...would you accept and follow but never like or comment?

Or...would you say you love Him and what He posts but say different things behind His back to others?

Or...would you make fun of and mock His VLOGS and His Trips to Visit others and the way He lives His Life?

What would you do??? What makes you think you would be different with Jesus then you are with me?

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