Tuesday, May 30, 2017

poem ~ it's your life

I don't have the talent
that you do,
So it makes me back away
because I feel less than you.

I feel so ordinary
and completely inept,
When it seems talent just oozes
from your every step.

How can you be so gifted?
And do it all so well,
When I'm trying so hard
just to live through this spell.

You make it look easy
and completely effortless to do,
When I struggle so much
just to do the basic routine thru.

Yet part of me is slightly
inspired and intrigued it's true,
To find the passion within
and attempt to learn something new.

I don't know how you do it
continually facing all your fears,
When I just feel like they're living
so strong occuping inside my head.

If you could tell me
one thing I could do,
To change my life
and live abundantly like you.

What would you say
to make headway today?
As I live out my life
in the various of ways.

It all starts with a choice
to create the life that you want,
You must truly desire
to take action to become unstuck.

You can't live in regret
or stay paralyzed in fear,
You have to be willing to change your foundation
not just attempt to create repair.

You have to be willing
to do the deep hard work,
It won't be easy
and it will feel sometimes worse.

But the benefits over time
that come from a change from within,
I promise you'll never think about it twice
when you see the benefits begin.

© Misty W Gilbert
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